Feedback on shirts

What do you guys think about my work shirts?

Gonna’ need more to go on. :-/

Sorry was having issue w/ upload

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I tried yellow and it sucks as a work shirt color. They get dirty real fast. Might be better to do yellow on black.

Is that your company logo? On vehicle, business cards, etc.? I think a visible phone number should always be included as it is part of your marketing and you want people to contact you for work.


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I have the phone number on my vehicles in the logo but not on shirts I always carry business cards. But i get what your saying.

This is the van logo

I am getting a new one with larger number on it.


I here this, but many times people will not stop you for a business card. But if it is on your logo where ever your logo is - shirt, vehicle, free shower squeegee, etc. - then what is there to lose?

With the larger number I would use that same logo on the shirt back.

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You should put your number on the back of your shirts.

Ive got dozen and dozens of calls from clients who see me/us working and read the number and call.

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My colors are yellow and black too. Will you please post what company prints your shirts? 13 shirts $150 they are hi vis yellow

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I personally don’t like it. The radiation warning sign, while a play on your name, seems off putting to me. Are you there to clean hazardous waste or windows?

I could see it transformed into some 3 squeegee design that would be more inviting.


I do like the three squeege sign idea

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