Fell off a roof, ankles broken no window cleaning for 4 months... advice?

Well it’s time to get these employes cranking. Im out of the job for 4-6 months and even after that I may not be able to run because my ankle is so jacked.

Any advice guys? Im feeling a little down right now about not being able to work. Im going to take this as an oppurtunity to scoe some commercial accounts:cool:

Sorry to hear that. What happened?

I’d get a wheelchair and start selling.

My heart goes out to you man, I hope you heal up as best as possible. I fell off a roof when I was 20 - landed on my back. It was a miracle I was not seriously hurt. If you fell hard enough to break your ankles, imagine what could have happened if you didn’t land on your feet. Just trying to look at the bright side. It’s good that you have employees otherwise the business situation might be worse.

You could work on your seo: write ezine articles, make youtube videos. You could start doing some telephone marketing. Don’t give up. I would be feeling pretty down myself if that happened. Good luck.

Oh man that sucks! What happened-- I mean obviously you fell, but is there anything that we can learn from this or at least remind us all of what can happen?

Well, you mentioned that you have employees-- it’s time to see what they are made of. You already know what you can’t do-- so let the employees do it while you focus all your attention on marketing and managing your biz. We all tell ourselves a million excuses why we don’t do the marketing that we would like to because we’re too busy in the field. Now you don’t have that problem.

Not to sound callous, but maybe this is the kind of thing you need in order to change gears and take your biz to the next level. It’s kinda like busting your hand over some drunks jaw and then having to learn how to write and wipe your… uh-- anyways, after it’s all said and done-- you are better off because your now ambidextrous.

Use this opportunity to build on any areas you feel are your weakest. If you try hard; you, your biz and your employees will come out of this one ahead.

I was working on short section of an eve (multi roof house) I was watching myself back to front but I was walking over to finish rnsing and was kind of into it and stepped right off the side.

Lesson learned though. Next time im going to tape up a piece of cardboard so I have a lateral reference.

Doc told me 4-6 months before load bearing and it would take a couple of surgeries and i might not be able to run after it.

I’m so sorry, Joe.

Make sure to heal and get well soon.

Thanks guys I really apreciate the support. There is a hug pls sid to this thogh. Instea of blasting mold all day I’ll be out crutching around to get better commercial jobs :slight_smile: Im excited to see what I can creae djng this time… can you tell they gave me some good drugs :slight_smile:


very sorry to hear that. ( i once had a ladder fall , a shocker but ankles didnt break just bruised up). stay strong fellah and keep posting on here as we will all be rooting for you.

I hit you up on FB. I forgot to say "enjoy the pain killers’

[SIZE=“3”][COLOR=“navy”]Yo Bubba…Broken ankle dude, TOTAL BUMMER. Still YOU SURVIED…Your not dead , in a coma or a veggie-matic, a quad or a paraplegic.

Your going to be doing for 4 to 6 months eh ! I fell off a roof once only 10 feet but I landed stiff legged on my right leg and shattered my knee. Could of been killed or any other injury. I’ve got 13 screws in my knee now and a metal plate.

I’m still crawling up ladders but I couldn’t run if my life depended on it. Dude I’m so glad that things didn’t happen worse, I’m so glad for your alive Bubba, the hand of God kept you from going 6’ deep Dude !

All you cleaners here please be safe, Even when we are running straight things can happen. I pray that God watches over all of us ! Bubba will break through and get back on track just like Nick, me and others ! There are those who have lost their lives in our industry, lets take off our hats to them and give them all a thought, except for the grace of God the Father there go we !

Good hearing from you Bubba…Your Cool …Oh Yeah !

Danger in the industry is why I was given the nic-name Dangerous !



sometimes one can accomplish what they would not have when forced to

being forced to not be in the field, you may get set up employee based faster and grow quicker and when healed may choose not to go back in field and to continue the business in that format

many talk about getting out of the field, but because they can go in the field, never quite break the link if at all

new forced opportunity for you, keep us posted and heal well

Try drinking raw vegetable juice made with a juicer at home. I’ve been drinking carrot, spinach, celery etc. and I’ve noticed many positive physical changes. I have no doubt it would advance your healing.

What kind of changes?

Damn sorry to hear about that. Don’t know you personally but definetly wish you the best. I know when i’m on a roof or ladders i’ll be thinking of you. Wake up call for all of us.

Sorry about the mishap. How you feeling tonight? I Guess afternoon for you?

man that stinks!

if it makes you feel better, I know how you feel,

here’s my Xray from my motorcycle accident.

that was in 2004. and it still sometimes hurts to walk. and until about 2 years ago I could still see bruising under the skin.

Hope you heal fast, thank God youre ok, could have been so much worse.My thoughts are with you.Take care.

Exactly! - As bummed as you are, your alive. There wasnt much talk of it but Simon here from the forum I believe passed a few months ago from a ladder fall.

We never wake up thinking today is THE day sh1t happens.