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has anyone ever had to make a claim on scratching tempered filled with fabricating debris? what are the glass companies legal obligations to put out a quality product? I have (very unfortunately) learned the hard way that steel wool can also dislodge fabricating debris. I have always been safe in the past skippin the razor and going to steel wool, so I felt confident to clean tempered marvin windows even tho there was FD present. Well … it dislodged and scratched the he11 out of them and now I’m in the middle of a rock and a hard place. Anyone ever dealt with this? Its very obviously FD because we used steel wool on all the tempered and only the recently installed panes were scratched (about half the tempered) and the tempered that was scratched, only scratched on the inside… even tho the same process was used on the outside. Anyways, just curious if this is enough information for my insurance adjuster to hold marvin responsible for low quality glass, or if they do not even lawfully need to stand by their product. Hard lesson learned. Waivers and education no matter what from now on.

I hate to ask a “stupid” question but are the windows tinted on the inside? Maybe you’re looking at scratched tint. That would explain why the scratches are on one side (the interior) if its a single pane window it could be the low-e coating. I know that doesn’t answer your question but I thought I’d throw it out there. Good luck keep us posted.

Unfortunately the only standard for glass is the ASTM which allows for defects that can’t be seen from 11ft away and under “normal” lighting conditions. I think the normal conditions are defined as no direct light thru the window. This would eliminate FD scratches as a defect under this standard.
Horrible thing to happen. Hope it works out OK in the end but I don’t think your insurance will cover you. If you are near anyone w/ a Glass Renu system you could get a quote on resurfacing those panes. It will be a lot cheaper than replacing the glass.
If you need a waiver for the future let me know and I can e-mail you a copy of mine.

Contact Dan Fields:
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it’s definately not tinting. Tony, by those standards… 11 ft away in non direct lighting, these scratches do not appear. When I was finished with the job the home owner was thrilled. This was at a point when the sun was on the other side of the house. It wasn’t until morning when direct sunlight hit them did he even see them. Are you saying that this factors out liability for the glass company as far as scratching goes? Why not then with the window cleaner? lol…

I’ve thought about buying the scratch removal system myself to resurface these windows… if liability falls to me. Sounds like it’s probably going to huh?

You could try to play the ASTM card. I’d follow Larry’s advice and call Dan Fields. He may know if the ASTM has helped anyone in this situation or may have another suggestion for you.

Don’t count on insurance in this situation.

I cleaned some marvin windows a month ago, they were scratched up pretty good. Interstingly though, not from a blade. They looked as if they had been scratched with a green scrubby. Circular motions, you could see fingering from how the persons hand was placed with pressure points. Newer home 4 yrs old. H.O. Said it happened post construction. Almost every exterior surface. It literally looked as if someone took sandpaper to them.

So what ended up happening with this job? Very Curious…

I used to do custom glass installation and it definitely sounds like its the low e coating that was scratched. Once we completed the installs of this kind of glass we used Sprayway glass cleaner to get the debris off.

Their standards are total bulls**t.

Your kidding, right? No disrespect but how long have you been cleaning glass? So Sprayway repairs scratched low e film(that in it’s self is amazing)? Are you familiar with FD and the damage caused by it>?

The only time the low-e is on the outside is when someone screwed something up. No kind of glass cleaner is going to remove FD. I’m pretty sure you’re thinking FD is overspray or something else. Maybe you’re just trying to sell more glass cleaner! Bottom line is, you don’t know what you’re actually talking about. Good day sir…

I don’t think he is saying spray way fixes scratches, he is saying they would use spraywAy to clean low-e glass to not use scrapers.

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It’s a mystery. Just re-read the quote and now I’m more confused…
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