Filling the day

it seems that most residential jobs take a solo operator more than four hours but less than eight to complete. How do you fill your day, and thereby your bank account? Especially in the winter, decent light only lasts about 8-9 hours. Do you schedule window cleaning to last two partial days?

Hey Michael why worry about Winter here in Cali when you can work year round. Like today we had very light showers here in Garden Grove, that wasn’t a problem when booking a house. Try to fill your schedule with resi jobs, commercial or storefronts.

Page 14 in the WCBO magazine…hire someone to do it for you, or bring along a helper and you can do double.

If I took more then 4 hours to do a house it would be a huge friggen house. Most of my 2 storys take 90 min and 1 storys from 30-45 min.

This house took me 5 hours in and out when I did it traditionally. And a lot of that was 15 windows inside that I needed an extention ladder for.

Hey Michael

I would fill my day with acquiring more work. Have 2 extra hours? Pass out fliers!

I calculate out 10 mins per window in and out with a screen. That’s 6 per hour for per person, 24 window home should take 4 hours. With 2 employees they should be able to knock it out in 2 hours. I schedule according to window count. IE my employees may have (4) 20 to 24 window homes on 1 day. If it’s a large home 70+ windows they will do that in the morning and I try to schedule them out a small one in the late afternoon 2pm or later.

Do you pay piece work like that Juuernaught?

btw, you look like GSP:D