Finding new employees

I’m struggling to find any good people to hire!
How do you find good people?

Referrals from existing employees has worked well for us


Mostly friends/Other companies that I’ve developed relationships with and my newest guy came from a friends brother that left the industry but knew folks at his former company that were looking for work since the pandemic hit many here in LV hard.
It’s a numbers game. I’ve been at it FT three years and have had ten different guys and have two solid guys that I trust to do things right everytime. Three other’s could do most thing right and would be solid commercial guys. Two were good with someone checking and two that like the idea of work but didn’t do it and one that liked the idea of money but did not like the idea of work.
It’s not just cleaning ability but personalities, temperment, trainability, etc. I was a specialize special ed teacher for severe emotionally disturbed students. I could teach any of them to clean a window but we all know there are numerous other qualities to being a window cleaner. I am mostly residential and that calls for a different type of cleaner than high rise and commercial, not that they can’t do it.
Best of luck. Again, call some of your competition that may have had to let good folks go because of the economy and you’d be humbled by how some will want to help their old employees out…maybe not you but we’re all good folks here.

Referrals are huge! We are a family crew, so I haven’t had to hire for window cleaning. But in my other professions I would hire for ethic and attitude above just “resume skills.” It’s easier to train someone on a skill than correct their work ethic/attitude.

A window company nearby has ads online for crews when the winter starts driving off. They advertise for outdoors people (rock climbing for example) and not necessarily for skill set alone.


We use Indeed for recruitment. We have about a 30% win rate, meaning we basically need to hire three people to get one who works out. Referrals from existing employees tend to be way better than cold hires, but not necessarily. I do offer a referral bonus for any employee who brings in someone who lasts 6 months.

And as stated above, I never look for experienced window cleaners. I would rather teach a person who has the right attitude than try to retrain someone out of their bad habits.

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