First Clean for 3 Years

I was asked today to quote a building that has not been cleaned for three years. 400 individual windows.

Has anyone quoted for a job more neglected than this?

What approach did you take?

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Its pretty much the norm, 10 years+ is the worst

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Do you think they are tire kicking or really interested? Most of my jobs were 2 plus years at initial clean.

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Local V.A. hospital…10-15 years…no wfp on that one…

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Any thoughts?? It strikes me if I go in too high they will still not get it done regularly. Better a little less but frequent…

Yup…pinch that penny. Good luck getting that one. Bid reality; move on.

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Did this job back on the 19th. Automotive shop, last clean 2012 with last invoice for proof from the owner. Just shy of 100 panes of glass bay doors on the back side, with large French pane Windows on the side, inside and out service.
Process hot soapy water and bronze wool pad, rinse and repeat, then final clean with new sleeves. Very dirty job but it came out great for what is was.


Good post. Well done!

Steve did you quote this job and do you have pics of it, what’s the scope of the job?

Braggin’ rights. Been trying land a NAPA shop right by my house. “Oh, my mechanics do the windows when they don’t have nothin’ to do.” They look terrible, have paint on them; they won’t fork out ANY money.

Forgive my ignorance, why couldn’t that be wfp? Wouldn’t a boars hair brush scrub right through?

Actually there was one building (out of 11) we used it on and cleaned it 2-3 times to get it clean.

Eh, most of the houses I’ve done have been cleaned since they were built. I can usually tell when

a) the screens are shredded strands of nothing
b) the tracks are filled with mud or crusted over dirt
c) the windows still have a layer of dirt after a normal mopping

There’s a haze that looks like hard water but is really just hard dirt. A white scrubby takes it off.

Most houses around here would “qualify” as neglected even if they really aren’t. The dust storms kick up dirt and then the sun bakes it into the window.

Maybe if you had one of those L10 heaters.

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I have, but based on the tone of some recent posts on other topics (not yours and not directed at me so far) I am reluctant to say more just now. Maybe when things calm down…

I generally don’t WFP anything I haven’t cleaned by hand before, because many times I didn’t turn out very good - tree sap, paint overspray, silicone smears after mediocre construction clean, etc. which all requires steel wooling.
Maybe its just me, but I am trying to keep the quality very high, since all my work is high-end residential.

I have done a few houses that have gone 14-15 years without cleaning, absolutely filthy. Takes almost 2 times longer, I try to avoid those, because in most cases you won’t hear from them for another 15 years!!!
Bid high and don’t worry if you don’t get it:)