First commercial bid - Bay door windows auto body

I honestly think they will need to be scraped, unless they were cleaned monthly by some one who knows how to clean Glass, and took care of the dirty work for you… If you do scrape use short strokes in one direction and make sure you use a new blade and keep the glass wet. I hope this helps…

Ok, thanks. This sounds like it is going to take awhile. Appreciate the help!


So Natalie, did you do the job yet and if you did how did it go for you?


It got pushed back to this Friday, but I’ll keep you guys posted! Thanks for checking. I spoke to another window cleaner locally and she said my unger scraper is really hard and can damage glass. The blade is also rusted after just a few uses. Would steel wool work instead? This seems harsher to me but people on here have mentioned it i think. Do you guys know of any effective alternatives to traditional scraping?

yes, wet the glass and let soak as you start the first. keep re soaking. sometimes it helps to wrap the steel wool around a ‘white pad’ or similar. as the wool looses it’s ‘scrubability’ (sp ?) change it out, it’s cheap.

I’d recommend a good scraper with a new blade to start (scraping off the larger debris, pushing the blade forward and not dragging backwards) and polish off the leftovers with the wool if your not used to blade vs glass.

look forward to your results…


when you are done with a scraper, separate the blade from the scraper, wrap in a dry towel, oil with WD-40 asap to keep clean till next use. If you see ANY rust… chuck it.

Thank you so much. I will do that. I am starting to worry that the glass might be tempered. I’ve read too many horror stories I think. Would this be unusual at an auto shop? The manager isn’t sure. Should I just use a white pad? I’m not even sure how dirty they are going to be. Any thoughts? Sorry so many questions!


Dont over think it…LOL
Take bronze wool or steel wool #0000 and white pad with (just in case you need it)…
Just do it…I think your over thinking it.

Ha! I am overthinking it! I will go for it and stop obsessing -maybe! :slight_smile:


Update: I did the job today. Went well. I sprayed the exterior with ammonia and water first and then just cleaned the bays traditionally. A lot of the glass in the shop was etched as tempered but the bay doors were not. I still had my suspicions about the bay door glass, so I did not scrape or even use steel wool. There was some adhesive substance on the insides that luckily came off with an unger cloth and my solution. My fingers are sore but the windows looked good. The only thing was the bay door windows had a thick layer of a tar-like substance around the very edges. It was not going to be removed with any traditional method, especially without being able to scraped. I emailed the manager after the job and told her I could look into removing it without damaging the glass. Has anyone seen auto body windows like this? It was mostly on the outside so I’m assuming it’s auto dust and whatnot that settles on the top when the doors are open. It seemed like years of build up. Anyway, thanks again for all the advice. It gave me more confidence and I’m sure glad I didn’t scraped them just in case it’s tempered and they could have been damaged. Appreciate any thoughts on the “tar.” Sorry no picture, phone camera is messed up.

Glad it came out well . Now it should be smooth sailing for your monthly cleans. How long did it take you ?.

Cool…How often will you be doing the account?

Thanks! It took me about 2.5 hours. I think I can pick up the pace now that the adhesive is gone.

Monthly, but she wants me back in three weeks. :slight_smile:

Try Goo Gone or something like that for the mystery substance. Just make sure whatever you use is ok for the seals.

Ok, thank you!!