First commercial wc job

Have first commercial wc job. look at job on 1/08/09 thurs.2 story building.
never priced commercial wc.May have concrete on windows what should I use
? Also need help with pricing. thanks

Dan Fields uses a phosphoric acid soap for loosening mortar bond on the window. Scrub w/ a hogs hair brush instead of a mop. Of course educate them about fab debris and get a waiver signed before you do the first window.

Thanks for the info. just starting wc need all info. i can get .The building is two story
would this require a boom lift or would a ladder work as well? should i price per. window?
thanks again

You could ladder it. How many windows would you need to ladder up to?

Be careful. I couldn’t imagine starting out with a construction clean up job. Pricing for construction clean up should be double to tripple a regular clean (generally speaking).

What type windows? Is it a ladder job, waterfed job?
Where are you located? Is it a conctruction clean?

Im located in maryland I think i will ladder the job. I wil look at job thursday and get a count of windows.

Get some pictures while you’re there, it will help you get help.

definitely have them sign a scratch release. it will not matter what you use to remove the mortar the glass will be scratched. and whatever you think is a good price…double it. good luck!

Actually, it does matter.

I too (attended a seminar with Dan Fields 10/2005) use a phosphoric acid solution and a hogshair brush when mortar, stucco, concrete, etc. is present. The hairs are less likely to trap the construction debris and move it across the glass, causing scratches (other than fabricating debris.) A standard mop/washer sleeve is more likely to trap that debris.

As Tony (humble star of the WCR Video Central series Weather or Not W/ Mister Squeegee) stated, it is critical to release that bond of sand.

You can use a spray solution in a bottle & just a scraper to get the initial debris off. I found this is safer than brush or scrubber. Dip your blade in water regularly.

How old are you?

Where are you in Maryland?

[QUOTE=]How old are you?[/QUOTE]

[QUOTE=]Where are you in Maryland?[/QUOTE]
How old is Maryland?

221 years old

What kind of solution?

Thanks, man.