First customers

So on my way to work, I stopped at Home Depot and bought a 16 inch Unger Squeegee and 14 inch Unger mop. I got to work and started cleaning the windows. I work in a small strip mall. After cleaning my works windows, which by the way looked awesome. I asked the liquor store next door if they needed their windows cleaned. The owner said he didn’t need the windows cleaned because there were decals covering the outside. I offered to clean the glass doors where the beer is kept and he obliged. He paid me cash and I told him I would check back on him in a couple weeks.

Next I went next door to a nail salon and offered to clean her windows for 20 dollars including wiping the aluminum frames. I would have taken 10 if she wouldn’t have done 20 but she was fine with paying 20. It was only 6 large windows and a door, outside only because she had plants in front of the inside windows. I finished and she paid me cash plus a tip and told me to come back every month.

The next store I went to said they had someone that cleaned their windows and it went through corporate. The next place was an insurance place and they said they have someone that comes that has been doing their windows for years. All good. I got two yes and two no. I more than made back the money I paid for my supplies that I purchased that morning. It wasn’t about the money though. I just wanted to see what store front people would say and what kind of feedback I would encounter. Anyhow, I just wanted to share my first experience since starting my company. :grin:


Awesome job! Instead of strip mall, try to focus on downtown stores. Typically where ever there is a court house there is a good sidewalk with a lot of business. Boutique and lawyer offices are always great clients and they appreciate clean windows