First EDDM Campaign

I order 2,500 mailers and shipped out 1500 to two different areas yesterday. This is my first time experiencing with EDDM so I’m excited to see my ROI. I’ve read that I can easily expect 1%? I had 3 coupons listed. 20 exterior windows with basic screen clean for $199, 10 windows, inside and out plus basic screen clean for $199, and the third: $25 off deluxe service and $50 off premium service. How do you guys think I’ll do?

Does the price differentiate between ground story and higher Windows? Cathedral ceilings with angled windows are the big thing where I live and They were time consuming for me until I got a WFP.

I didnt specify that. Its its a basic clean on the screens I should be able to get to them from the inside thus avoiding initial use of a ladder. Ill uae my WTP as well.

It’s difficult to say given the different demographics/clientele that exist. Keep us informed… I’d like to hear about the results. Post a pic of your mailer.

I tried to post an image but its too big. I can email it to anyone who wants to see. Feeling down and out right now. Spent $15K to get this business going and I’m not getting any clients. I sent out 1500 flyers and haven’t got one call!

All businesses have start up costs. The nice thing is that you will get to keep most of the $ from your jobs instead of spending chunks on equipment and supplies.
Have you done volunteer work (animal shelters, charitable organizations, etc.)? That’s a good way to get some visibility and it is a no pressure learning environment.

$15,000?!? Did you buy a vehicle?

I did over 1000 door hangers and got 1 call that turned into 2 estimates that ended up in 0 jobs. So I said **** it and started doing Kijiji (online classifieds) that got me booked solid for 5 weeks so far.


I haven’t done that yet. I started with door hangers from which my special was too cheap. ($89 for 20 exterior windows) Don’t know If I want to put any out anymore. But I put out around 100 and got 2 jobs out of that. One came two weeks afterward with the second coming over a month later. I thought for sure I’d get some calls after these flyers. I got about $700 invested just in that and to not get even one call is disheartening.

Yes, I bought a used van, got a new computer, website built, supplies + WFP, screen cleaner, advertising, business cards, polo shirts, magnetic signs, screen cleaner, etc. The list goes on. No offense to anyone here, but I don’t want to give the impression to my customers that it’s a “one man operation”. That’s why I did all of that from the beginning…so that it looked like a big company. You can only get so far when they know its just you. I don’t want to deal with customers complaining years later when someone else shows up to service their house, “Oh, we we’re expecting Jason”. That’s bad for business. All of that is my opinion obviously as I’m new to the game. You all are the ones making a living everyday. Ugh, I hope the post office made a mistake and didn’t deliver them yet. I cannot believe I haven’t received a call.

Did you read @Chris’s manual?

Damn you went all out! I started out with $700 worth of tools and free online classifieds and now I’m too busy because referrals are kicking in and my uniform attracts people from half a mile around.

Just plug your ads everywhere you can afford comfortably. You don’t need to shell out crazy dollars in the beginning. Online classifieds, community/church newsletters, coupon books etc.

Maybe hit up some storefronts. The more people that see you working, the better.

I only have one storefront ($16 monthly for 8 panes) but the visibility has paid off. I intentionally had a bunch of my WC clutter onsite when a customer for the store asked for my card. That turned into a $342 residential job and I will return to do an $80 job soon. She also referred me to a friend for more residential work.
Moral of my rambling: little jobs can lead to big jobs. Hang in there @jasonj24680

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Jason I know your feeling pressure right now man, “I feel you” been there many times! :wink:
You may get some calls from the eddm that you sent out a few days ago, but the key with eddm and any marketing pieces you need to do them multiple times to the same people your response will be a lot better the 3 or 4th time people see your marketing piece.

Keep your head up man!


Any updates? We just launched our own EDDM campaign and are waiting to see results as well.

So far, I gave two quotes and completed one job. Eddm is expensive. I don’t know how I can afford to keep marketing when I’m not even making enough to cover those expenses.

If you haven’t already, look into Google Adwords. You can decide how much you want to spend every month. I’m sure success rates vary wildly from place to place but I have had good luck with it.

Jason how is the business going. Any luck with the Eddm?