First Flyer

Ok im working on my first flier soooooo i need help!! I havent set everything up yet just kind of did what id like it to say!! How do I send it so you guys can tell me how to set it up and word it correctly!!! Please help meeeeee… LOL

Under the message box there is a tab that reads “Manage Attachment”

let me see what happens, it says invalid file!!! GRRRRRRRR,Im using a macbook pro is that ok???

I cant get my flier to come up sooo I can explain it and tell all or you what it says, Spring time is finally here!
Time to get your winows clean
Take advantage of our spring special
Only 120.00
20 double hung windows
inside & outside
free screen and track cleaning
then i have pic of some guy washing a window then my company name.
call for free estimate
family owned and operated
I know im new at this but let me know and how I can fix it pls dont be shy let me have it…:D:D:D

WOW, Only 1 person said something and it was trying to help me on getting my flier on here… SHEEEEEESH. I guess my flier isnt to bad after all!!


120.00 is cheap for 20 windows in & out. That is only $6 a window!

Thats what I was thinking, but im going to do it for a month as a special and see how I do, I need to get my name out there but i dont want it to be to cheap so thats why im going with $6 just for a month.
Thanks for the help, thats all i need is some feed back!!

I would advise against this thinking. Yes, I understand you really need a good start with lots of clients but don’t put yourself behind the 8 ball. If you feel the need to get more confident with your work then just do storefronts for now so you can be up to speed and learn the techniques. Otherwise, if you have lots of experience then by all means go after some nice homes but charge for your work (perhaps $199 for twenty windows inside and out). And yes, there is overhead running a w.c. business so don’t let homeowners come out with that stupid line that “oh but all you are using is soap and rags”, simply walk away from people like that. Your a professional, not a guy looking for beer money or whatnot. It simply costs money to run a business each passing day and the ones that appreciate your solid efforts know this.

Sorry, but right now I am going to bed so feel free to PM me and I can give you my number and I can talk to you more about flyers, canvassing and what worked for me and what didn’t. Have a good night and try not to overthink it.

P.s. My first home I did I made over $400 in 1 day and that weekend I made $550 ( more than my full time regular job ). just something to think about. People have the money. ( the right demographic )

Thanks Jerry!!!

Where are you located?

As to price, I hate talking about that as I have no
idea of the economical situation your target areas

You will not get more business by going cheaper- I
promise you this. I once did a $99 no limits offer
when I started out and got 0 calls.

I have sold my service at an average of $170
steadily in that area since.

The strongest part of your ad should not be the
price. If it is, you’re doing something wrong.

In fact I will write a blog on my theory now :smiley: