First job - thank you

Just got my first job.

I bought the $475 starter kit from WCR, a 17’ Little Giant, some other things, and a bicycle. The Joe Orsini book that Louie sent me, along with this forum, were crucial for giving me the belief that I could do this.

Three weeks ago, I went out for the first time. Flyered for 5 hours and went to bed dehydrated. Woke up in middle of the nite with excruciating leg cramp. It turned into a dark purple bruise literally the size of a football and I couldn’t walk for three weeks. It was all because of dehydration, so water bottles=no more problem.

Went out on Friday for D2D. After 20 “No’s,” a homeowner said “Good to see you knocking. That’s the right way to get business. Gimme your card.” He didn’t hire me, but it buoyed my spirits enough to keep going.

Around the 2-hour mark, I knocked on a door and wound up selling them. All cut-ups, 350 panes total. Quoted $1 per pane, outside only. Plus $50 discount (that’s my flyer coupon). So $300. Then upsold them yesterday by phone to $1,000 for in/out + replace the screens.

I start on this, my first job, at 8:30 am tomorrow.

I couldn’t have done it without WCR and YOU ALL. Thank you.


Oops. I meant the $350 starter kit.

Good job. Bring alot of towels.


I will!

It’s funny, I had just posted this comment on the “Why so many towels” thread:

ught the starter kit from WCR. When it came in the mail, I said, “Huh? Almost $500 and all I get is a giant box of blue rags and couple odds and ends?”

Then I came to my senses and thought, "I have to trust these guys. If they sent me 10 pounds of towels, that’s because I am going to need them."
Now I love my mega-brick of blue towels.

Thank you WCR.

I have 100lbs of towels and now I don’t have to wash them for a long time

Congratulations on your first job!

Congratulations! Your persistence is paying off.

Good job Eric ! I think the first job is the hardest to land . Just keep the ball rolling , next thing you’ll know is you’re booked all week . Trust theses guys , there’s high paying clients out there

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Love it - congrats :slight_smile:

Congratulations !! You’ll do fine. Slow down and think before making any moves or making any decisions. It will feel very awkward to begin with but you will get smoother and more confident with time and many many other jobs. Ask questions on here and learn from your mistakes when ( not if ) you make them.

I am excited for you. My first job 23 year ago was a store front real estate office for $5.00. Big bucks ! : }
I can remember after about a month or so I had a small route developed and I was grossing about $12.00 hour and thought that was great ( Bless my little heart ! ). Needless to say, my hourly gross did increase over time and that was from continually scrutinizing and analyzing every move and action to become super efficient. Some on here may remember starting their biz from scratch with no internet. Yes it was possible.

When I look back today I realize just how insane that was.

Which reminds me of how grateful I am that Al Gore invented the internet.