First job


Don’t eat all the bananas in a day !

I usually hear that line from people who are passive. If you want to casually pick up work and use the virtue of patience, HEY! you’re on the right track from the sounds of that…

Good for you, Kenny.

Pricing is subjective, remember that.

If you’re happy making $30/hr + banana bonuses, then all power to you. Shouldn’t be difficult for you to get a LOT more work at that price point.

I would not call you a low baller. You have your reasons. I too cleaned one of my friends grand mothers house this year. This guy is not a super friend as I don’t talk to him much anymore. But still were friends enough that I went to the prom with his sister over 20 years ago. He has remained a very good friend to my brother. I cleaned her house for $50, in and out with screens. Turned out she lived about 1/2 mile from my home. Took me about 2 hours. No biggy. I was happy to do it for her that cheap. I ended up getting a call from the sister I took to the prom. She is now married with kids and wanted her house cleaned. So it got me more work…

Kenny I would not worry about what others call you. You set your business model and follow it. It should be profitable. If you are doing this part time you can afford to work for less. My advice to you is to start looking at what amount of time you want to spend on your business for me it was 40 hours a week. Then decide what you are willing to work for an hour. This is different for everyone and your market will dictate the maximum.

So in my example I wanted when I started to make 40 an hour. So my goal is to fill 40 hours a week with 40 dollars an hour jobs. I need to get to 1600 dollars. Then I can begin raising my prices to the next level again dictated by market.

Too often guys say they are making larger than they actually are especially starting out. If a new guy goes out a does a house for 300.00 and it takes him 2 hours did he make 150.00 an hour if thats all he did that week. IMHO he made 3.75 an hour for the week.

If you only are working your business 2-3 days then adjust your weekly hours, but fill them.

Good Luck

kenny, Remember you can always lower your price but its really hard to raise your price. Someone else said it already but its worth repeating, if your happy making 30 ph plus fruit , do it!

I think many times this is in our head. You are not paying the same price you did last year for one thing. Wendy’s raised their cheeseburger price. Milk has gone up. Inflation makes it neccessary to raise prices as does demand for your time. If you fill the quadrant of time as I stated earlier all new work you take at a higher price until you fill it again. Most people are afraid of asking for a pay raise I dont think its that hard to do.

This is of course one mans opinion.

What about their chili?

Their chili I dont know about. One thing I do know is its good.

I really had to let this one go.


I give people deals all the time, if they are good and nice people, money is important, but estabilishing friendship with the customer is more important. Customers are very loyal if you give them little extra, call with a follow up, throw in a rain guarantee, bring a snack for their dog.

Great idea!

I had never thought of that one…(I’m allergic)

I carry god treats in the vehicle for the dogs. I always ask the client first though.:wink:

I don’t give any clients pets treats. Even if the client was to say it’s cool. I won’t do it. After the last round we had here in the states with dog food I would not want to risk it. I give the animal a treat and my luck it dies the next day. Then I’m being sued for it. I think people would be more willing to let a window cleaning company slide on a broken window then a sick or dead pet.


I like your style bro.

If the client wants the treat? :smiley:

Waiver time!