First major residential bid please help!

I have done residential for abut a year now but usually only one or two story homes with about 15 windows or so. But today someone asked me to come bid their house and it is four stories on one side and it has close 115 windows. It is also post-construction clean up and she wants me to clean the tracks and sills. They also have screens on a lot of them. I live in Middle Tennessee and it’s a rural area so I usually don’t bid very high. I only have poles and ladders, no wfp. No plants or bushes outside and the ground is fairly flat. What do you guys think I should be bidding…ballpark it?

Ballpark without counting panes and Assuming those are fake french panes?? They also look like older windows with wooden frames?? But if they arnt old windows and they arnt french panes on the double hungs, for post construction and tracks and screens id be around 1500-2000. It looks like a beautiful home to work on. 3 guys 8 hour day. 1 guy spending whole day doing screens and tracks and sills, bring a shop vac not a handheld vac for tracks. Rent a 40 foot ladder, 32 wont cut it. Wfp would be really nice for this job, maybe someone from here can rent you one or help you out on this job for the higher ones if they are in your area.

If I didnt really want the job for whatever reason maybe its far or the client is rude or whatever id be at 2500. Also these are cdn dollars im talking.

Good luck man looks like a fun job!! Hope you get it! Mention you will be doing garage windows in/out as well they will appreciate that.

While you are there bidding, clean a window on the ground level and see how long it takes. Then extrapolate from that window to the rest and calculate into your hourly rate.

I would bid $1000 and $400 annual maintenance clean. Looks like you will need a 40’ ladder. Don’t go lower than $1000 for sure.

If there is a lot of grit stuck onto the windows and frames from construction, hose off lightly the entire window and frames first before you mop and squeegee. This is a million times faster than trying to clean construction dust and debris from tracks and frames with a damp rag.

Did you take a close look at the glass? How much drywall mud is there on the windows? Are the screens full window screens? Are there any true divides or muntins? Are the high windows casements where you can reach out and clean them or are you going to lug a 40’? Do the double hungs tilt in?

After you evaluate the whole thing, take your normal price and 3x it (at least) maybe even 5x it. Because when it comes to ccu “Oh, they look pretty clean” will bite you in the neck when you actually go to clean it.

You could be looking at $3,000+ for this job depending on stuff. It’s a nice chunk of change, but can you carve out 3-4 days to clean it or do you have a helper?

That’s only about $4.5 per pane on a ccu?

I saw no mud or paint on them and it looks like they have been living in it for a few months but I bid conservatively. I went for $850 +/- $50 when I get to see walk the inside. I have not heard back from them yet so they may not even accept my bid, in which case I am happy to walk away, because I am not doing it for less than $800. I might learn a time consuming/ back breaking lesson but I called a few buddies in my area that have been in the business for a while and they said around $850 would be right. I see all of them are double hung so I can reach from inside to do the high up ones. I do not know exactly what is on the inside though. most of the screens are full window tall screens. I have been washing with my strip washer but I was thinking about bringing a buddy with me and paying him $10 and hour to do the little annoying stuff like screens and tracks and sills.

I charge by the hour. This job would take me 10 hours. That’s $100 an hour.

Exterior only.

Double it if they want in and out done. When I first read the post “exterior only” was in my mind.

Inside, you’ll have to vacuum all around the window frame including the very top of the frame where dust settles. Loosen chunks of debris and vacuum them up. Then clean the window.

I would be at $1500 min and if I really need the money(feed kids/paybills) I would go less than 1000. I did a job similar ccu at my old job $750 took me and another guy 6 days. Just know you could get stuck there for a week if she accepts your bid.

For a Maintance clean I would be @ 1200.00- 1400.00

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