First Prize

Who ever says…
[COLOR=black]“I want that $107.50 prize!!”[/COLOR][/B][/SIZE]

First gets it.

I want that $107.50 prize!!

I want that $107.50 prize!!

[SIZE=“1”]Attaboy, Doug!

Way to post,[/SIZE] [SIZE=6]
[COLOR=black]“I want that $107.50 prize!!”[/COLOR]

Does the number of exclamation points factor into who won?

How about the number of dollar signs?

[COLOR=“black”][B][SIZE=“6”]“I want that $107.50 prize!!”[/SIZE][/B][/COLOR]

I did say everything with exclamations marks and everything to make it a COMPLETE quote…I win!

“I want that $107.50 prize!!” first :o

I know I’m late…but I’m trying

What’s wrong? :slight_smile:

[B][SIZE=“6”][COLOR=“Black”]“I want that $107.50 prize!!”[/COLOR][/SIZE][/B]

First gets it.

WCR Hotline 862 266 0677

Cell 845 987 6915

Window Cleaning Supplies

WCR Carries 36 Different WFP’s

My Window Cleaning Business

I think you have to ring Chris? He says whoever [B]SAYS[/B].

Congrats Micah!

way to go Micah


Micah did you edit?

Maybe you want to pass your prize along to Doug?

or matt

Micah was first to post, I was first to post exactly what you said to say, and Larry was the first to post exactly what you said to say and in the same font size. So it all comes down to technicality I guess. I thought I might win cuz of that, but it’s a minor technicality so who knows…

Sorry for all the confusion. Alex and I gave it some thought today and it will go to Micah… Again sorry for all the confusion.

I did edit my post. I added the dollar sign and deleted a exclamation mark. I didn’t do this because I thought I needed too to win, I did it because I thought it would be somewhat funny, hence my post saying “What’s wrong? :)”.

I spoke with Chris earlier. He said his intentions were not that the first poster had to post exactly “I want that $107.50 prize!!”, so he said that I was the winner.

I apologize for editing my post. This may have made it seem like I was cheating to some. That was not my intention.

If I could just add I should have been more clear from the beginning. Next time I will be sure to be more specific. I take the blame for the confusion.