First Residential Quote

Good Morning Fellow WCR’s,

 This is my first ever post, I'be been reading this forum for months now. And the reason why I haven't posted yet was because I usually find the answer without asking the question. Which is amazing! There is so much FREE information here! It has helped me so much. I would have been lost without this forum. And not that I didn't find the answer to my following question, I just wanted to share that I FINALLY have a real resi job. I'm like a little boy with a new G.I. Joe!

 Ok onto the question, I just recently started my business, it's in the extremely part-time phase. I still have my full-time job. And today after work I'm going to price out my first PAID residential job, if I get it, I've looked at the competition and one says windows, frames,screens $5 each, then right under that it says same thing for $4 each. They're just under cutting to get the jobs. I know I'm not going to be able to survive charging that much. I plan on charging $7-$8 per window including all the extras (ie. screens, frames, sills) Do I need to just be firm, and know that my work is worth that much and see what happens? And let the ones go that say it's to much and move on to someone that can afford quality? Keep pushing, and have the Never GIVE UP type attitude.

Thanks for all the help,


Stick to your guns.

Start out with your prices. See what your market area will allow. Where did you see your competitors prices? Hopefully your customers didn’t see them. If you start out making a profitable business you will be in business longer than the guys just trying to find jobs. They can’t live off that low income very long. I would start out on the high side. You’ll end up working less but making more. Good luck

“Where did you see your competitors prices?”

I found them online under the Services section of the classifieds for the town that I’m marketing to. I just found it funny, because Lord knows if there were a couple more of those guys, price per window would end up at $1. ha ha