First Storefront

I cleaned my first storefront today. $21.00 That is my minimun in Alabama. Look out windows here I come!!!

nice. monthly, bi-weekly or weekly servicing?

Monthly but to check with store 2 every weeks when and if on that side of town.

good job. I remember my first job like it was yesterday.

That’s how it starts…

Good luck !

I remember my first too…i dropped my cloths into my bucket, soaking them, was on foot on a pedestrianised street so couldnt really get more from a van or anything, turned out ok in the end though.

Hey good for you. My first was a year and a half ago, $10. You got me beat! :mad:


yeah I remember might first, it was really wet and went too fast…

I bet it was fast:eek:

That’s what she said.:smiley:

I have soooooo many NC17 replies.

How 'bout them Bears?