First time residential job. Does my price seem right

Hey guys, so I’m new to the business. I actually just had my first customer the other day ( store front) and I currently have two more store fronts scheduled one for ladder this month and one next. However today one of the store front customers asked me to quote her house.
The house is in a very nice up scale neighborhood, it’s a two story house however she asked me to quote her only on the first floor. So everything is on the ground level except for one big window over the front door and a second one in the back ( I’ll attach pics) also how would you clean this window ? with a pole or ladder up and get your nose to the glass? I’ve never done one shaped this way.

Anyways I counted 30 windows, 17 tracks and 15 screens. She wanted two quotes

Quote # 1 clean 30 windows in and out, remove and wipe/basic clean on 15 screens and brush and quick wipe 17 tracks $370.00

Quote # 2 clean 30 windows in and out remove and deep clean 15 screens and vacuum and deep clean 17 tracks $ 550.00

What do you guys think do these prices sound high or right? I got my idea for pricing on this forum I did $10 per window (in and out) 1 dollar for screen wipe or 3 dollars for deep screen clean, and $1 dollar for track wipe or $10 for deep track clean. I also charged a little extra for the two big high windows.

Seems like you’re in the pocket.

Where are you located at? Makes a difference. 370 sounds close if not a smidge high.

Also don’t overestimate how clean homeowners are willing to pay for with tracks. Most don’t care enough to pay a ton for it. Brush, wash, wipe then move on.

Also, are you counting the doorway as 6 windows?

New England and no I counted the door way as 4. What would you count it at? The big window in the pic what’s the best way to clean that type of window?

Im in MA. You could really push your boundaries. $15 per doublehung is not anything ridiculous, so you could do $12 or 13 and land lots of jobs.

Since you are in New England, you can probably charge what ever you want and get away with it. Cost of living and everything that comes with it is mental up there.

I generally don’t charge by the window on a doorway like that. 60$ for what is 7-10 minutes of work? But that’s just me.

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I can tell you that right now, i am at $17 a doublehung in out, 1x1 and I am closing about 1 out of 10, so my prices are high. So 15 isnt outrageous. 13 is definitely in the range and 10 would be exceptional.

@B16bri , I would say try raising it for the next quote and have a minimum for screens, like a hundred bucks. That is thw worst part of the job.

Add 10 bucks per storm unit (2). With some sort of minimum like 100.

Also remember to raise your price as you go up to 2x1, 6x6, 8x8, 9x9, 12x12.

Ladder up left side, clean half. Ladder up right, clean half.

Yeah your market is a different animal altogether. That why I always ask where people are from when they are wanting pricing input.

Me? $4 a pane ($8 for a double hung). $5 (10) for second floor windows. Screens vary.

I average 80-100 per hour on residential and have about 75-80% success rate.

But I guarantee our cost of living is considerably less and we work year around. Definitely different animals.

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For sure. There are some really crazy setups here, especially when you get into some of these old colonial towns with 12 over 12s with storms screwed into the house, pine needles everywhere, stink bug nests in the tracks, 6 over 1s, 8 over 6s, one side has new vinyl replacement, the next side has wooden divides…

A friend of mine showed me a property in Concord, MA, where he knew the property taxes for the year were 80k. Um, you are gonna pay to get your funky c.1790 windows cleaned.

I think that is why new guys need to figure out for themselves how much they want to make per hour vs how fast they can go. Counting each pane and expecting the perfect number to spit out is kind of unrealistic.

For example - I did a house last week with 155 individual panes last week, outside and first floor only. 1.45/pane.
Sounds lowball cheap at first glance, but the way they layed out let me do them traditionally in 1 3/4 hour. Million dollar property that has me do them every two months now and floats my name around the rest of the gated community.

New guys really need to rely on other cleaners in their markets to bring their prices to the right level. The rest is simply trial and error.

Here in England that is about right I would say.