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I am quoting a job that has 13 windows on the rear of the house on the inside they’re divided like French pains and on the outside their regular windows how would you quote this

Just bid on the easy outsides :slight_smile:

At least $15-20 a window in/out.

Often those grids are removable, they just clip in place. I am doing a house like that
on Saturday. I charge a little extra for time handling the grids, but the cleaning is
just regular panes.

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Regular window price and add $1/$1.50 for the removable mullions. They can be fragile so be easy.

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Plus one. I currently charge $1/piece for removable muntins, so a DH with grids would be $15 instead of the usual $13.

If they’re true divides, I add 33¢ per pane. 6/6 would be $17 (12 panes divided by 3 = $4, + $13).

If they’re only true divides on either the inside or outside, I might drop off a buck per window. But it’s really almost as much work, because now you need two different sized squeegees to clean one window.

My personal favorites, though, are when they’re only true divides on the outside, and they can be wfp’ed. Still an upcharge for the multi panes, since a homeowner would spend longer on them. But with wfp it’s faster than trad, and I don’t have to deal with the little panes on the insides. Win/win :slight_smile:

Similar words can sometimes be confused…

US plural noun: muntinsa
bar or rigid supporting strip between adjacent panes of glass.

plural noun: mullionsa
vertical bar between the panes of glass in a window.


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Then you are going to love this…

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Actually much of what we deal with - the removable grids - are called grids. :slight_smile: