First to reply


Am I the first to reply???

You were first to post; I am first to reply.

boys boys… re read

Actually, I didn’t read it the first time!


You can always sell your Gold Squeegee Lar…

were the heck was my text…?..?

Holding out for Platinum.

In your dreams…

That would be Rhodium, Mr. Robinson!

I think I’m in the right place

Guess I am a little to late :frowning:

Looks like I’m a little late also.

You guys aren’t paying attention.

Yes we are paying attention it’s sometime between 10am & 8pm eastern time.

whats eastern time, is that american time?

Looks like you were, but I was a close second!

Ya, it’s east coast time. Its 3:41 EST


Is this directed at me??