First WFP bid... How does this look price wise?

Contacted by a local hotel and saw this as my push to finally get off the fence and get into the WFP work! Been wanting to for several years! Said it hasn’t been done in 4 years by hand when the hotel was built… =( They are removing all screens.

Counted about 298 panels.
100 4th floor
74 3rd floor
74 2nd floor
50 first floor

Based on my research I should budget 2 min/panel would work about to about hours.
Looking to get $100 min for my WFP work. Thinking of about $950.
Am I in the ball park? or should I price it per window vs hourly?
Thanks all… So glad to be a part of this group!!!

John I would say your pricing is very competitive to the point of being too low. With the height factor and because the glass hasn’t been maintained you have some factors to consider. Being new to WFP work you are going to have a bit of a learning curve as well. I would consider being no lower than $1,500. If you are in a competitive bid situation under a thousand should win but I would be hesitant. Other input may help clarify for you. Have you submitted your numbers? Do you know if they are shopping around?

I agree with Jared, I’m between 1500-1700 on that building


All the hotels we’ve done around here have screens that must be removed from the inside. Some of them had window locks that need to be detached and all of them required the screens get put back in the same day they were removed. Sometimes the guests are not ready to let you in even though they’ve been well informed…

.don’t discount the amount of hours for the little things going on inside the building that must be done so you can clean the outside.

I would quote ~$1,650.

I agree with all of the above, price is to low. Remember even though you have a WFP, a lot of window cleaners would have to rent a lift to knock that out or even rappel it. In some cases you can add a little extra because of that, if you know your competition hasn’t stepped into the world of WFP.


Welcome to the club…Say do you have photos to all 4 sides ? Or are these 2 sides with the windows only ?

If they’re taking the screens out and putting them back in for you then it should cut your time down…100 per hour is a little low, and I charge by the hour.

Not being use to WFP and the time it takes, charging by the window should help you with pricing !

Personally I’d figure it by hand then charge that amount and then do it by WFP ! Your going to need at least a 45’er !

I could get it done in 8 hours if I’m looking for gravy and 10 hours if I want to be take my time, all in one day. I’d figure the price @ 1300 that’s close to 4.50 per window…I think that may get me the job and still be able to get it done with profit !


They are removing all the screens ahead of time and the two ends only have 4 windows each.
Sounds good all! looking fwd to submitting the bid and see what happens!
Over and out!

Good luck to you John i hope you nail it !


Are you kidding honestly think that each panel will only take 2 min when they have not been cleaned in 4 years.just a word to wise I would not do this job by wfp if you want to keep them as a client. This can turn out to be a disaster for u .I would recommend doing it by lift and doing it right the first time and then get them on a maintaince service and use the wfp

WFP should work just fine , water is the the best natural solvent and scrubbing and rinsing should get it done with no problem!