First Year Progress 2016

This is for the new guys and girls, how’s everyone’s first year going? What have been your success’ and failures? Are you keeping busy? What are your goals? I’ll start, I’m not nearly as busy as I anticipated but I also haven’t hit the streets everyday. Finding it hard to land store front accounts and it gets demoralizing after a while. I have landed some solid residential jobs, my latest was $400. I’m hoping to build a solid route that I can dedicate maybe a week or two a month to storefronts. I’m trying to save for a wfp system, and a work truck. I am currently working out of a 2013 mazda3 hatchback with a roof rack and it gets the job done.

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Keep it up. I did soliciting like crazy my first year and it will really pay off. It’s surprising how long someone will hold onto your card before calling too. I get calls like 9 months later sometimes. It’s all drops in the bucket to getting things rolling.

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i get calls like “remember you gave me your card at starbuck this time last year? well i need my windows cleaned”

or i ask someone who called “how did you hear about us?” and they say “i think i got a flyer” and i know i put that flyer on their door a year ago.

i put out 4-5 k flyers in my first year and it really pays off. now we try to put out 5-10 for the neighbors of the homes we want to do (so not in the smaller neighborhoods), and we mail postcards to neighborhoods we want to service.

put out all the cards that you can, you’ll be happy you did.

Your Mazda with roof rack sounds sweet actually!

I’m rocking a VW beetle with roof rack… I would not recommend it for window cleaning, BUT I have gotten a few jobs because of the car!

I’m also much slower than I anticipated… When I’m not doing a job, I’m out putting flyers but I’m getting really exhausted from that. I’ve only put out 1,500 so far but have about 4,500 more at home and they will all be out this year. Also have 5,000 postcards to do some specific EDDM in high end neighborhoods where it’s not condusive to walking/flyers.

I will not give up, will not “fold” either. Actually next spring my wife will join me…she is a business beast, makes me look like a joke in that department!

Hope the rest of everyone’s season goes well!

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My first year was 8+ years ago. We did $20,000 our first year and it felt like $20 million at the time lol. I could write a book on tips to give you based off my failures but I will shoot you a few at you.

1.) Create a solid system to connect and continue to reconnect with customers. This is very important. Your customer list is your foundation. This first starts with collecting customer data. Don’t be shy, get all their info (Name, Address, EMAIL!, phone #) They will forget your name/#/etc. Postcards, Phone Calls, Emails…start it day one.

2.) Find solid mentors. Not the “buy my book and you’ll make 600/hr!” mentors… actually seek out guys in the industry that are where you want to be.

3.) The quality of your business model is more important that the quality of your window cleaning. Anybody can clean windows… I have a group of employees that prove that point. But not everyone can run a profitable and secure business. Mentors can help tremendously in this area. Get your financials, taxes, bookkeeping, invoicing, reports, etc straight from day one…it is hell trying to fix those problems when you are years into it.

4.) Finally, admit you are not the smartest and you don’t know everything. This will cause you to be open minded about everything in your business and force you to constantly improve and evolve.


I’m in my first year as well. We are doing ok not where I want to be but we will get there. The last 6 weeks we’ve averaged about $1,500 a week with last week being our best week of just under $2,300. We currently do about 80% residential and 20% commercial. We are ramping up and already preparing for a huge start out of the gates next year but focusing I getting our name out there right now. I’m going to the huge convention this week and I’m pumped and I hope to see some of you there.

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I think those are awesome numbers for your first year, I haven’t made $1500 since I started.

I started in October of last year and got one store front so last year I did $60 and this year I am sitting at $1600 but I do work a full time job so it has been hard to hot the streets like I want

After 7 months I am learning that there is a roller coaster of real busy and real quiet. I am learning not to get overly optimistic when volume spikes and not to get stressed when it slows down.


This is solid advice Kyle.