Let’s make some money :slight_smile:

Scott, now you have no excuse to post pictures of your setup, tools and racks, or even better, videos.

Chris, Alex, Mark or Sanchez can help you with that, I can post pictures from you if you want.

I have really high hopes for this forum.

I am trying to figure out how to get my hands on a camera for some videos.

I will be taking pics of some stuff so be on the look out. So far this has been the highlight of my day, I will save the rest of the story for later. I am trying to decide if I should even post how crazy it has been. So much stuff to post I can’t think of what to post first.

I don’t think I’ll be doing too many blind cleaning jobs, so here is my addition to this mini forum: -

Thanks, tara.

I love it! I can say the best way to clean that blind is once it is removed. I don’t think I would like to reinstall it though.

I think it will be nice to get started with some basics.
Different kinds of blinds / materials
Best cleaning method for each material.
Stuff like that.

Hey Scott … where are you man??
Stop making money and post some pics :smiley:

best way to clean mini-blinds. is suggest the customer buy new ones…at lowes or home depot. they average about $7-$10 a blind, and we charge a minimum of $20 per blind to clean. blind cleaning a complete pain in the ass.
now the new composite 2" blinds…easier. clean in place.

I will be working on it today!

Why send them to home depot when you can sell blinds to them yourself? There is a huge markup on blinds. For example: A balli blind from home depot is a lower grade graber blind. You could sell them a graber blind for the same price. The markup is about 50% depending on fabric and style of blind. so for what would cost the customer $200 you would only pay about $100. that doesn’t even take in to account for what you could charge for the install.