Fish Window Cleaning Services Inc. named to Franchise 500

[I]Fish Window Cleaning Services Inc., has again been named to Entrepreneur magazine’s Franchise 500 for the tenth year, according to a press release.

The company ranks 139 on the list for 2011, moving up from its previous ranking of 182 for 2010 and ranks first in its category, window cleaning, the release stated.[/I]

Impressive numbers in the Franchise 500 for sure. They seem to very well marketed and organized in their selling of the Fish Franchises. One opened up in our area spring of 2010 by the way. It seems they do a lot of their own press releases. Pretty smart.

One closed down in my area about 2 years ago.

You know Larry, there was a Fish franchise in the area we service that opened up in 2007 and shut down 2009. The new owner"took over the same area" is a young man recently out of college and I got a chance to meet him this past summer. He seems very serious about making his franchise work and and I wished him the best.

I can understand buying a Mcdonalds franchise but why would anyone buy a window cleaning franchise is beyond me.

Well, probably because its turn key. Buying a franchise may reduce your investment risk by enabling you to associate with an established company. Also a franchise offers support such as advertising, marketing and trainlng.

Apparently Fishies of all sorts aren’t having a good time lately

Mr. Fish is one smart man. If you look at them as a business owner- you can only respect them. As a window cleaning company everyone knows they are the cheapest and lowest quality of any real window cleaning business.
Good for them though.

What makes you say that?

My experience with Fish in my area has been that they are very unprofessional. Estimating jobs for less than half of what established companies in the area have been charging is bad enough. What’s worse, is that they bid a job in front of me while I was cleaning for one of my top clients. In my openion, these practices are bringing down the industry.

Just for their demographic. Not many people have lost customers because of stank fish. If you create loyalty, they won’t go anywhere else. Besides, they are after penny pinchers, but what they are doing works.
You don’t see ANY fish owners here, at least I haven’t. They are not going for the same client we are. They don’t have the same quality standards we do. It don’t make them bad though. I have ALWAYS hated fish because of them doing exactly what you are saying.

It took a long time for me to realize that hey, there ain’t nothing wrong with that in thier eyes. You and I know its dirty, but they are tying to dominate a certain demographic. These persons don’t mind if its below average work as long as it costs them 5 bucks they are cool.

I say let em have what they are after. You can do the same thing to them, and if that person is after high quality-eventually they WILL choose you even if you are 8 times more expensive because they know they will be getting top quality. Know what I mean?

I understand the concept of franchise and getting rich however fish is just concerned with getting franchise fees, if one of the people dumb enough to buy a fish franchise goes out of business, all you can say is que malo pescado lol, I love my business and plan to expand but never plan to franchise, Fish Franchises wont last in San Diego where our cost of living, gas everything else is so high.

I am expanding but franchising? I have too much respect for my company and for the industry as a whole, Greenearth Window Services in my baby

FISH is all about NMC’s National Maintenance Companies. It’s like a quarter to a third of their business. Plus none of the franchise owners are window cleaners so they have hard time implementing quality controls with staff.

mark, both of the stank fish offices here have been here a while, and they have a ton of work. as long as there are cheap business owners they will have work.

I did subcontract job for fish they dont have my area service and some office called me and we got deal price was very good more than normal price

There have always been Wc franchises in my 28 years of wcing. Like it or not Fish is doing something right. I am trying to get my local franchise to buy Wc supplies from me.

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For what it’s worth, to whoever wants to know … FYI

Fish Window Cleaning Services Inc.
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I will say this - Fish always seems to make people see red. :slight_smile:

:cool:Good one Tony!

Fish went out in my area around 2-3 years ago and we actually got a lot of their former customers. Talking with some of their past customers everyone was really pleased with their work. Turns out the owner passed away. I think it differs in each market. But I will say this, If I had to pay 6-8% to be a franchisee plus the whopping loan payment for startup there is no way I’d survive first year in my market.