Fit channel into contour pro + handle?

I thought this was possible, but I can’t figure it out. HELP!

[SIZE=“3”]I called Ettore and they’re sending me a new handle made specifically for Channles and they’re doing it for free, without me even asking them for it.[/SIZE]

There are two Contour models: 1011 and 1012 for Wide Body Channels (made to fit the Ettore Super Channels and Channels.)

I dont really see the point. the contour pro’s main feature is its pivot, but channels allow the rubber to bend at your will, making the pivot pretty much obsolete. however, i am speaking out of pure theory, since I havent actually tried this particular setup.

All rubber has bend to it regardless the make/type.The original handle was intended for standard channels since that time they have re-designed the jaws to accept Sorbo channels. So…you have have the best of both worlds;) The best feature i feel is the pivot because it allows you to close out on deeper sills in tight area’s etc. Works pretty good on a pole too once…you get it wired.