Flier/ad -brainstorming feedback

Hi all!
I will be creating a few new fliers today, looking for some inspiration to get the creativity flowing. Post your flier or ad in the comments! If it was successful, tell us about it!

Post up some pics of what you got so far and maybe we can help you tweak them.

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built my round on this home printed cheapo paper flyer + stickers . a few commented on Facebook how amateurish it was but it was memorably amateur ! . i got to the 3 employee stage by the employees doling these out and then they moved onto the squeegee


These are my Door Hangers and overall they sucked haha 2000 printed and about 1600 delivered not one call… Also was used for 5 around marketing while on site.


Steve did the area with all the shared documents go away?

Have not seen in since 2012 or so.

Got a little messy but was a good source for ideas

Sometimes it works out like that. I have a huge job that I scheduled for next week. I delivered the door hanger back in March and the guy asked for an estimate right away. I gave it to him (back in March mind you) and he just called yesterday, 5 months later, to book the job. It was one of those estimates where he wanted a full house in/out price, a partial just front and back in/out, and a partial just front and back outside only. Geesh, whatever. So the call yesterday was for the Mondo Price Everything In and Out! I had been trying to get in that neighborhood for more than a couple of years and this huge job bit.

I typed all of that to type this - don’t give up brother, some days suck, but then others kind of make up for it. :wink:


Come to think of it I haven’t seen it around…
I believe it was removed with the platform upgrade…

This is what I have so far… I don’t know that I’m sold on it yet.

Basically they will be half sheets that will go on every pizza box that goes out to customers across the city and neighboring cities on football kick off weekend. I played around with the BG and used a football field instead of the water but I didn’t like it much. I like the water because of the color blue… but like I said I’m not sold…any ideas or suggestions? Am I missing anything? (I don’t need an expiration date) And I use Photoshop CS6 and Adobe illustrator if that matters.

I never thought about football season as an angle. I think happy wives let you watch football, or wouldn’t you rather be… instead of a cartoon, just my .02.

I don’t understand… wouldn’t I rather be ?

I’m Playing on the guy will be stuck the whole weekend washing his own windows if he doesn’t hire you to make the wife happy.

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in december, 6 days before christmas a guy calls and asks if we can squeeze him, i said "we have 4 hours on wed, how many windows do you have? he said he had 40, when i got there i saw he had 40 windows like this:

I told him that i’m sorry but we don’t have enough time to clean all the windows before christmas since they are 18 panes per window. he understood and said he’ll call us in Jan

jan no call
feb no call
march no call
april no call

i gave up thinking about him

2 weeks ago he called and we just did it yesterday $885


It’s amazing sometimes how long it will take someone to call from a quote you gave or a door hanger they got!

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I think your word “team” gets drowned out in the cape and her shoes.

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i thought it was a “he” .

my first thought was hes looking too nice and needs a missing front tooth or ugly scar on his cheek or swollen infected toe so that hes workmanlike and memorable