Flocked VS Boar Hair

I’m looking to add another brush to my arsenal with a little more scrubbing power than the nylon and hybrids I currently use. I have a bronze pad too. My question is, how does a flocked brush compare to boar hair? Has anyone used both? I’m trying to decide if the boar hair is worth the extra money. Any input is appreciated!

Boar’s hair is a must in my arsenal and it gets used exclusively on first cleans.

It is definitely worth the investment. SteveO actually turned me onto them awhile back.

Get the Alpha Brush and you’re ready to roll.

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Flocked? Like a bunch of birds?

Yeah, seagulls preferably :sweat_smile:

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I just hadn’t heard the term before. Obviously I’m new-ish.

I can attest that boars hair works better than nylon for where we live. Nylon looks like I just scrubbed it dry, in a bad way.

Boar’s hair are supposed to be good but if you’re buying Tucker I guess you have to buy some superglue too for when the jets pop out.