Fly poop on vinyl frames

Anyone have any secret recipe for fly poop removal on white vinyl frames. Usually boars hair and wfp gets it off when there’s just a few. These frames are almost black in some areas…frikin gagable…anyhow going to try pre soak with simple green…then white scrubby with soap/water and elbo grease. Move on up to One Restore diluted , just wondering if someone had something else…oil Flo may work…I’m brining everything I have.

You sure it’s not artillery fungus?

Yessir, the nearest Naval base is in Lemoore…45 miles west.

lol. what?

It’s fly poop… A neighbor has a manure business.

what does fly poop look like?

like shotgun fungus.

it’s as hard to remove as shotgun fungus?

If it is fly poop, it will most likely be on the inside, like many attic and garage windows have. Easily removable with elbow grease.

If it’s on the outside, than like you have heard, it is most likely Artillery Fungus. Hard as a rock? Flakes off leaving it’s mark behind?

A good degreaser would be handy, but be extra careful with what you use on the seals.

Experience tells me flies try to get out, not in. But then again I have never lived next to a manure farm…

HO saya he can fill all his fly bags in a day…when they hatch out…yum!

That sounds horrible.
I would move… seriously

lol. I did com building next to a dairy once…got a callback for a spot on a window, went back the next day…you couldn’t tell I had been there 24 hrs prior.

I lived next to a farm that only grew vegetables for the farm stand. The flys there were too much for me. I couldn’t imagine it being any worse.

I find an abrasive pad to be very quick and effective.

i see this a lot in GErmany Depending on the temperature take a water sprayer ( mine is hand held ) and spray the area with the sprayer…( because this is very quick) the water will soften the Dirt or poop…maybe let it sit for a minute… if its cool you can cover a few windows lets say 6 for example… nothing pre-soaks as quick as a Sprayer…( yes ok a garden hose and pressure washer yes)

And then after letting it sit use your washer scrubber or what to agitate

Soap-up then 0000# steelwool

Wet frame & dry white pad usually gets the stubborn stuff. Think you’ll find it’s sunbaked in fly vomit, not poop.

Karl…you made my day that much more heavenly…fly barf…guess it doesn’t matter which end it’s coming out of

Well… at least the clients are impressed even more for the info’ & are glad someone is doing it, not them.