Flyer color (split test)

Something interesting for you guys…
I just sent out a batch of a few thousand fliers. All identical, printed in black ink only. They are printed on BRIGHTLY colored heavy card stock. The only variable was the color of paper. 1/4 of them were blue, 1/4 orange, 1/4 green and 1/4 pink.

So far the first 3 people to call mentioned they got my BRIGHT PINK postcard. interesting, because usually people don’t mention what color the flyer was when they call, just that the got a flyer but this time they did, and it’s only the PINK ones so far. No calls from any of the other fliers yet.

Coincidence? maybe.

Your thoughts?

My thoughts?

[B]My thoughts on you split-testing:[/B]

My thoughts are that you are a very intelligent and serious businessman who’s gonna [I]make a lot more money the next 12 months![/I]

Great job, man. Very good.

[B]My thoughts on why-the-pink:[/B]

No clue. Female decision makers having their eye caught maybe?

Thats really interesting Doug…keep us updated as to results you find in the coming week.

I can only imagine that pink has been more successfull up to now due to the fact that it would be hard to miss sitting in the mail box.

Were these flyers distributed all to houses of the same value and class of people living within, or was it a mix of different houses and areas for each colour…?

I’ve just sent a batch out in orange. **** poor results.

I think, as Kevin mentioned, the pink caught the attention of the lady of the house. Maybe they were hoping for a coupon for a spa treatment or something. Well, professionally cleaned windows can be just as good as a spa treatment, right?

Kevin- Thanks!

Rob- Yes they were evenly distributed to equal demographics.

Mark- It’s interesting that you mention that about your orange flyers. I have done 2 flyer campaigns with orange flyers (both during the fall) with the same horrible response you mentioned. Never again. I was pondering why the orange ones did so poorly as I was walking through the grocery store just yesterday infact (afterall the content of the flyer was the exact same as other colors I’ve used) . I then realized that EVERYTHING in the store was ORAGNGE this time of year!
I wonder if that is why? because they don’t STAND OUT this time of year. It’s hard to ever really know for sure.
But I think you guys are right about the PINK standing out to women. It’s still a little soon to come to a solid conclusion. But who knows, I may end up making all my flyers pink from now on. Afterall, 80% of my customers are female.

Doug, was size was the flier??? 1/2 page, full page???

Pink huh?? Interesting. did you put them at peoples doors??? what was the turn around response from sending them out?

Thanks for sharing bro!

Matt, these are half page fliers. You are correct, they were placed on the doors.
Turnaround time is always different for me. If I had to guess based on my own experience, I would say .25-.5% call within the first 2 days, another .5-1.5% within 2 weeks, and another .5% over the next year. I hope this answers your question.

You could put a $100 bill printed on the back of the card - change the mid design for a squeegee. If they see that first it will be the first thing they pick up. I’ve never tried it myself - but I’ve seen it in action. Everyone picks it up - it draws the eye straight away. I remember seeing them on the street one day that someone had dropped (probably on purpose), they had all been picked up in 20 minutes.

That’s a bit off topic, but an interesting idea none the less.

Yeah sorry - nothing like the colour of money.

LOL, good point. you win :smiley:

Donald Trump had fake $100 bills with his face passed out all over Manhattan before the premier episode of the Apprentice a few years back…

Not a bad idea, either. He’s a smart guy, that Donald.

Bad hair, but good smarts.

It’s interesting you bring this up on how your advertising reflects a reaction in your potential clients. I had my ad rep for a news paper tell me he did not like my current ad for this last season. I went with it anyway. The ad did not contain a coupon. It contained 10% off for a 1st time cleaning. I feel I got an ok response. Last year I ran a coupon and got over 100 customers in 6 months. Not bragging, just saying. So this is gutter cleaning season here and I have been running a coupon for $10 off a gutter cleaning and $15 off gutter and window cleaning. I am booked till the end of November for work. Only bad part is this past week has been rain and I have twice the work this coming week. :frowning: But at least it’s work :slight_smile:

what if you had a $100 bill size flier…make it look like real money on the outside and have you info on the inside, saying something like, “Make you most valuable investment look top dollar”…I don’t know, I’ve seen banks print stuff like that…just an idea.

Printing stuff ain’t gonna help banks right now, not even if it’s moolah.

I changed the color of my fliers recently to “super lime green” with great results. I’m getting two times more calls off of the green as opposed to my previous orange, white, or red. My theory is that green is way more soothing and obvious than the others. On the other hand, I agree with Kevin that your pink flier appeals to the women of the world. Not every lady likes pink, but I think the majority of them do. Think: Victoria’s Secret!

Ya’ll have a good weekend.

WaMu…(stupid washington mutual) did this at a fair. I saw it on that ground and made a none distracting bolt to pick it up and cram it into my pocket. Once I did this I looked around to see if anyone noticed…no, good, I’m clear…went around the corner to check the new $100 I found and opened it up to find it being a freaking WaMu funny money flier…:mad::mad::mad:

Yeah my lime green ones do pretty well too.

I am glad to see that people are starting to take marketing more serious.

After reading the initial post a couple times I had 2 thoughts-

  1. Too early to tell (no way of knowing if color is the true attention getter)
  2. We are having this discussion after [B][U]3[/U][/B] phone calls

My thoughts right now are that I hope to hell you had a lot more calls after passing out “thousands” of fliers. I do not see extremely few people calling from a flier as a measuring device, other than to measure how the flier itself is.

People notice color, they do not call because of it. Color is for attention, it does not subliminally sell what is on the paper. They have no more chance of calling you no matter the color if there is no good reason.

To anyone out there- [B]If your flier is tanking or kicking arse, it is not the color [/B]

Don’t waste a lot of time with this

Thanks for your opinion CFP.

For those that ARE interested in the flyer color issue… 8 more calls since I last posted. 1 green 7 pink, 0 blue, 0 orange.