Flyer/Coupon Question

Just had a new logo designed, my kiddo just started school and now I need to get rolling with the WC more full time.

My question is this what have most of you folks done for specials/$$ off etc. for your ads be on-line/coupon mailers or flyers door to door that seemed to keep you busy enough. I have used $20-$25 off and had some hits with that. I have read here, some may offer free screen cleaning with a limit and a price value/ or x amount of windows free etc. What is the most $$ that you have offered off of jobs that were in the $150-250 range. There are some companies in this area that run $20-$40, but I think I would not be happy about the loss of the extra bit of $.


I have done $25 off before and it worked pretty well. To be honest I just rasied the price $25 so I didnt lose any money. Some might think thats wrong but if you go to a store and they are offering 25% off it because it was already marked up 125% or more.

You know what, I have just started out like yourself and I came up with the same company name as you! I am in Ireland so I dont think we have an issue…

I like the name for a number of reasons but went with it as my phone number has 2020 in it.

I am a graphic designer, designed all my own stuff including logo, it is a shame you have just got one done, I would have let you use mine no problem, it is a pretty good effort even if I do say so myself. We could have advertised as being a world wide company :smiley:


I just put one together today for nearly the same reasons. We are a little slow with the ending of summer, but I expect it to pick up again, especially after we hand these out. We are just gonna try and hit some lower-mid range neighbor hoods (1900-3200 sq. ft. homes) that are valued at around $175,000 or so with these printed fliers.

This time I choose to do a run of these on my office printer and get them out fast. I’ll have the guys pass them out on Friday. I’ll let you know how it goes.

There are a few things I am going to change before I print them. I need to add the phrase “per window” after the discount in the coupon. I also need to change the discount % above the expiration date.

I am anxious to see how these do.

If I can help you with anything, Steven, let me know.

I really like the new logo. Well done.Happy Family Postcard Front.pdf (418 KB)Happy Family Postcard Back.pdf (401 KB)

Bert, didn’t you mean "owner on site " instead of “on sight” ?
You can use both I guess, different meanings, but just wanted to let you know just in case you didn’t see it.

Thanks Carlos, I did see it when I went back for the other stuff. But thanks for catching that for me.

This is what we’ve been up to lately with awesome results. We always offer at least $50 off a window cleaning of $400 or more.

I was a graphic designer (and still freelance on the side) for over 7 years, so i designed this item.

Thanks so far for the posts, keep them coming.

The flyers that I have been passing out at homes the last two days
have had either $20 or $25 off service by mid October, and if they have the service done by September 19th they can have 10 screens washed for free (a $20.00 value). Always fun trying to figure out what works.

Bert thanks for the idea about the fans.


Your welcome Steven,

I like the fans thing because we do screen cleaning anyways, so it is an easy gimme to the customer that they really like. Most never clean their own fans anyways.

“Recieve” should be “Receive.”

The whole “I before E except after C” rule always got me. We caught this before final print fortunately. Thanks anyways for pointing it out though.