Flyer Distribution

I’ve heard a few of you talk about paying someone to hand out your flyers. Do you just pay some kids to stuff them in peoples doors and newspaper boxes? Hourly or per flyer? What if any rules do you lay out for them, such as don’t stuff mailboxes? I need to start up my flyer distribution again and might get some help, any suggestions are welcome.

Yeah im in the same boat. Tried a set of fliers before in a neighborhood i use to live in. Got a call telling me to pick them up while I was doing it. Never went back and got no cars from. Hiring a new employee and i need to keep him busy.

Some cities/towns have distributers who pass out the local paper, not the major newspapers but those free weekly ones. Some of them add fliers for a relatively small cost.

As for passing out a flier once and it not working, it happens. We certainly do not do a one and done unless we have identified that we hit the wrong market. Was the offer good? Was the layout and flow of the flier good? Did they understand or care about the offer? Something simple like putting our names at the bottom rather than the top increases response, of course putting it at the top diminishes it.

Fliers are simple, but should not be taken for granted.

Check out what the local municipalities have for laws in your area. Sometimes housing sub-divisions also may have “no solicitation” as part of their neighborhood association rules. Normally you will see a street sign stating that as you enter the area.

I have had success with going door-to-door with flyers. I knock on the door or ring the door bell and introduce myself and give my approximately 20 second spiel. I give them my website, a business card and finish by either suggesting a service that I noticed visually I recommend them needing or ask if they were in the market for using any of my services.

I have found that face to face contact has greatly enhanced my efforts with flyers. I am also a huge fan of door hangers. Every job we do I leave about 15 or so surrounding the home we are doing.

Hope this helps.