Flyer innewspaper

I am having my flyers placed in newspapers, in between the actual newspaper and the plastic bag it’s delivered in, so it’s the first thing they see when grab the paper from the driveway. Has anybody tried this before? How’d it go? I guess I’ll find out soon enough, but I just thought I’d throw the topic out there.

I predict success with this. I have done variations of this in the past and it works well.

are you paying sonebody to do this , and how much if you are?

10 cents per flyer

thats real good.

way better than passing out fliers… think about duplicating yourself a thousand times.

who is doing that for you Doug, that is a good price…

I am paying the newspaper delivery people themselves. It feel I am getting a good deal as well.

Nice outside the box thinking Doug! I like it!

If you could only afford to have 5-7,000 flyers per month delivered, would you try to hit 5-7,000 different houses, or do you think it would be more effective if the same houses (but less number of houses obviously) got a flyer in the newspaper 3-4 times per month?

I’ve heard it’s more beneficial ie more RTI if you target the same areas several times.

I remember a time in the UK when you went to the newspaper shop & picked one off the shelf to flick through. I remember all the free leaflets & flyers falling at my feet & cursing. A few comedy sketches were even made about it.

// Bit Of Fry And Laurie - Magazine Leaflets - YouTube

dang, you’re old! :smiley: funny clip by the way

Same area…hit 2-3 times before the year is over.

I remember reading somewhere about going to the newspaper dispensers, and deposit you 25, 50 or 75 cents, open the door and insert your flyers in those papers, without taking one … I think this last action has to be more related to remorse or morality than something else :smiley:

I did this many years ago and the response was good to very good. I was a hassle doing it the way I went about it because I did it in selected zip codes and had to deliver the selected amounts to each circulation area starting point, and in this case there were three.

So I was delivering boxes of flyers to three different distribution center locations and making sure I had the right amounts. It was back in the mid 90’s but I do recall getting a nice response from the it.

Sweet creativity.

Hopefully they’ll keep their end of the deal.

Yeah, since they are put it inbetween the newspaper and the bag, all I had to do was a quick drive around to verify that they got delivered (and they did). I’ve only gotten one job so far off 1,000 fliers =( but it was in mondays paper, I’m gonna try for saturday next time if they will do it. The guy who is organizing it didn’t sound to excited about putting in in Saturdays paper because he already has so much crap to put it the bag.

Perhaps you can find the incentive ($?) to make it worthwhile for each of you.