Flyer Printing

Just wondering what do you guys do when it comes to print your own flyers.

I’m talking color flyers, the B&W on colored paper are taken care of with my laser printer, cost effective and fast, but I don’t have a color laser printer and I’m not sure on investing on one, too costly to operate.

I’m not looking for some online printing service since this while be for really small batches, couple of hundred at the time, looking to target specific neighborhoods with specific offers.
Kinko’s? local printing shop? or just print one copy on inkjet at home and color copy at Kinkos ? Not too cost effective either I guess.

Thanks in advance

I would stay away from kinkos if I were you. They’re okay if you b&w, but they horribly expensive for color. They want $120 for 200 color copies.

I haven’t done it yet, but I’d check with local printshops. They may be able to work with you.But I think everyone charges more per copy for smaller projects. I guess it’s for setup and what not.

Just my .02

Did you see this thread?

It has a couple really great websites with exceptional prices & fast turn around. I plan to use next week sometime.

Thanks Curt , that was what I’m looking for and I couldn’t find.

I remember reading something about that not too long ago about didn’t knew where exactly

Nextdayflyers RULE!

CFP, have you ever had any quality issues with nextday? How fast is their turnaround?

I have never had a problem and my last order was sent out earlier than they said!

Since you’re not looking for an online printing service, I’ll tell ya what I got. I have the Brother 4040cn color laser printer. I purchased it from Office Depot on sale for about $200.00, which is about half off. It comes with a full set of toner, not a starter pack, which is in itself worth close to $200.00. The printer is back to regular price at Office Depot, but it will probably go on sale again.

As far as quality, don’t expect absolute perfection. But you can see the test sheet at the store. It’s great for printing fliers, and it spits out color fliers at 28 sheets a minute, which is fast for a home laser printer.

For me, this was the cheapest way get printed fliers. I don’t want 5000. I want a few hundred one week, and a few hundred next week with a different design. Once I have a complete winner, maybe I’ll get 5000 from an online printer.

Thanks Micah, sound reasonable.
Do you print on regular paper or on something different to give it a “better” look ?

I did the same thing but with a Inkjet. Printed fast was around $200 on sale but would of been cheaper to operate then a Laser printer. The thing I didn’t like about it is if the flyer got wet the ink will run. So I returned it. Will be getting a color laser soon. Check craigslist. I found a nice expensive one for sale local. They sold it like a day later :frowning:

I use glossy paper from HP. This is not as glossy as photo paper, but close. It holds up pretty well to dampness and it looks much better then regular paper.

12.89 for 300 sheets.

Have you guys seen this site? Is it worth it?

Check this one, but seems to be the same company but different name only.

Ordered from them but never got to use the cards, was too busy to distribute them and having put an expiration date I’m stuck with 500 $20 bills

How much did that set you back if you don’t mind my asking?

500 x $20.00 = $10,000.00 :wink: j/k

I’d still do something with them. Don’t throw them away. The exp. date being expired may tend to make it less effective, but not as bad as keeping them at home in a box.

In all honesty though, something about this kind of advertising rubs me the wrong way. Almost deception - which I’m not sure I want that to be the first thing somebody thinks about before they see my ad…

I see these at tables left as a tip. The poor waitress probably picks it up without examining it thinking it’s an excellent tip - only to realize hours later that she was fooled.

I think that the presentation of this kind of ad is a maker or breaker. Sadly I’m not sure how you could control the presentation once the “bill” leaves your hand… After thinking about it, maybe they are better off in the box…

I’m on the fence with these… Anybody use them with success?

Curt, don’t wanna lie to you, but was around $60 shipped, really cost effective.

Micah, you might be onto something there, but as you said, once it leaves your hands you never know. But if someone leaves this as a “tip” I don’t envision the waiter getting mad at me at all.

BTW, these were ordered to be distributed in another area as a test, not in my target market’s area. That’s why they’re only $20