Flyering (EDDM and post card size)

I’m starting my first EDDM campaign and wonder if 5"x7" cards can be sent via flat-rate EDDM (I have a thousand sitting around). I stopped by the post office and asked an employee walking through the hall, but she said “I don’t see why not”. I’ve been reading online that the card stock size I have can’t be sent, but the information is confusing.

Also is it best to hit all the areas I want to market once? Some say to hit a smaller area you want to target many times to get prospective clients to feel your ‘brand’. Maybe it’s best to hit all the areas once, then target the areas that have the most replies?

As far as will they send it I’m not sure. You’re right though that the requirements are a little confusing. I’ve only done the 8.5x11 and haven’t seen a reason to switch.

Ideally you want the same customers getting 3-4 pieces a year in well producing areas. A lot comes down to budget. I know for me to send 20,000 it’s gonna cost $6,200 with printing and shipping on retail EDDM. However you break that up depends on budget. It you can afford to do one blanket will all and then repeat the responding areas great. But the idea with the repetition is turning some areas into good routes on mailer 2,3 or 4. Then do it agin next year and so on.

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Not all USPS employees know the specs on EDDM… I believe 5x7 is a tad too small…

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The best way to flyer an area is to print four on a page. For 200 flyers I pay 44 dollars . Pick a area you want to hit and hit them around 2-5 pm and go back throu at 5 and start door knocking and talking.