Foam/home made version

Seems like much ado about the foam spray lately.

I am also an artist and we use home made sprayers often…I thought maybe some of you would enjoy learning of this ‘tool’. many may already know of it…so skip this thread. :slight_smile:

Mix your own solution and put it into one of these

refills are available as well.

Interestin Phil! I almost forgot about this product. Thanksfor jogging the ol memory!:slight_smile:

And what would be use for such spray?

We had a lot of dialog earlier about the foam spray.

Perhaps your regular solution? Or a mix of DI and alcohol? The sky is the limit.

I used that thing to touch up the paint on my jeep last summer. Worked well except the paint store mixed the wrong color. I think I paid about $12 for it.

I went to Home Cheapo yesterday, they sell them.

I mixed up a batch of soap in my bucket, dipped the bottle in and tried it.

ixne’ the idea. They are touchy, the spray pattern is too small and the are cumbersome.

However, and I think Larry pointed it out first, HD carries Zep window foam. 2 bucks.

Oh well it was a fun ride while it lasted.:wink:

Why couldn’t you just use a regular spray bottle to apply your solution?
I use one for cleaning tracks.

No foaming with spray bottle.

I have a house with 637 squares, all out and some in.
Will WFP the whole outside and foam like crazy inside.

This windows are different to the ones I’ve seen. they’re french but the frame looks like a casement window (that meaning a window hinged on the side, just in case I used that term worng).
Hopefully there will be no leaks, I’ll try one first while my wife is inside and see what happens, if I hear screams I’ll stop :slight_smile:


If ‘foam’ is really the issue, they make sprayers for bottles (trigger sprayers) that ‘foam’ whatever is inside.

Not sure how well they’d work.

But finding the Zep stuff may be helpful. (Home D)

In the other thread, the foaming spray was being used to clean french windows and greasy finger prints that require a lot of scrubbing.

I think it’s the Butyl that helps cut through these heavy finger prints. The foaming spray just helps with the cling time, allowing the butyl to break the greasy prints down.