Foggy glas removal

I am doing this service now…and it is awesome!

I hope to be on board with it soon.

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What is your marketing methodology?

Hey…your windows are foggy and i can fix that.

Or…(if they have bookoo windows) can I give you a free demo?

Then, I do it naked.

The demo or the fix?

The demo.

Chicks dig it.

As a result of the recent decision I spoke with you about on the phone, we have trippled our income stream on this one service.

Tarry not Chris, there is huge money out there.

We may have a way around the high priced fees you face.

I looked into this once before…

Did the equipment and “know how” cost you high 5 figures???

It can cost that much yes.

The ROI is out of site though.

However, if you are already in a state with a master franchise, you can often go in under that franchise for a lot less money up front.

Where are you?

looking for someone who does this in Southern California, when anyone?


Oklahoma City to be exact… Though I mostly work in Edmond, Oklahoma. The snooty suburb where I went to high school.

And do you know if your area has failed IGU units (foggy glass)?


Alot of my first time cleans turn out to be fogged out. There are three builders in my area in particular that have had this prop up in the last 10 years.

One is a real good friend of mine who wants me to get into scratch removal.

Contact me via my cell number. You will find it on your PM

2 companies in the middle Tennessee area were offering the fog out service. One company does not do it any more they are into window tinting now the other company still has it but they offer window replacement also (can’t fix the fog sell them windows :wink: I don’t know alot of my customers would ask me about service and I would refer the two companies ( maybe they charged too much I do not know.
See YA !

Everyone I know in TN is still around.

Which franchise are you all using Crystal Clear? What? My family’s window tinting business has been doing it for a couple of years know. But recently we have stopped advertising for it because it has proven not to be profitable in the long run.

You think you make alot of money but eventually you do more back and forth on call backs to customers. With all the failed windows in homes there is only a small percent that can actually be fixed. Most of the time you can get the windows to look 80% better, but the customers are not usually satisfied.

Anyways we cut back, and we don’t even bother selling it.

you guys are gonna have to excuse me, but … what are we talking about here ?

Removing the condensation from IG units.

But … isn’t the condensation in between the glass panes ?
What are we talking about removing here ?