Follow up residential cleanup

How do you go about following up with a residential clean up? You are done with the contractors now how do you get the owners of those houses to use you? I am in good with a contractor and he’s building a lot of homes. He won’t leave my card with the owners and I can’t just leave my card to get lost amongst the garbage of a new home. So what are your methods of letting the owners know you cleaned up their windows and getting your name in their house again?

Leave a magnet on the fridge

You have the address, maybe a follow up letter

Yup ^^^. Then follow that up with a post card every 3 months with a call to action

In the letter I would congradulate them on there new home purchase. let them know you were the company that performed the CCU then offer them a complimentary discount for there next cleaning I would also have a pic if the house after finishing in the letter .
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