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Good evening.

This second time I’m on here today. This forum is my new friend :joy:

But my question is this:

How long do I wait to follow up on a quote I gave out?
I ended up quoting a lake house with over 50 windows Saturday. I also quoted his neighbors house which had roughly same amount of windows.
Was told that they would get back with me if they agreed on the quotes. I just don’t want to wait too long without reaching out and missing two good jobs if I get them.

I wait 3 days to follow up, seems like enough time for anyone to discuss with a spouse or get other quotes for comparison.

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Thank yah

Sorry, I cant help it…

I haven’t had to follow up yet. I offer a available time slot at the time I give the quote, and I ask them if the time works. So far I haven’t had but maybe 1 or two who didn’t accept the time slot.