Foot pain

Hi folks,

New here to this forum but have been cleaning windows/power washing over 35 years.

Just now starting to have some serious foot pain and injury. My achilles heel has been giving me fits off and on, and my foot doctor last week told me to get a stiff shank work boot.

I’m pretty sure the pain is from standing on ladder rungs all day.

I’ve used a rugged hiking boot for many years but they are ridiculously expensive now. Used to be $140, but now cost $250!!

My issue is if I’m on my feet all day, not just on ladders, my feet start to hurt and then the pain radiates up into my back.

I’m hoping someone here could recommend a good work shoe/boot for ladder work and yet reduce the pain from being on feet all day.

THANK YOU all in advance for any help you can offer!

Blessings to all of you…


Jeff, have you tried custom shoe insoles?

Hi Chris!

Thanks for the reply

Years ago I had custom ones made, for a lot of money, and hey did nothing for me :grimacing:

I’m open for suggestions but it’s also the stretching the Achilles on the ladder that concerns me too.

How often are you lifting weights and doing ankle mobility work?


Hi Pro

Haven’t been weight lifting and not sure what you mean by ankle mobility work?

Thanks for your input :+1:

Sounds like Planter fasciilitis —>

It may be well worth the $50-$100 for a couple of visits to a Chiropractor to get the pain under control then foot massage as part of your regular home remedy.

Able mobility work, exactly how it sounds… doing stretches, static holds, specific motions to improve the strength, flexibility, and durability of your ankle.

This type of work can be done for your entire body in order to keep you fresh, mobile, and overall feeling much better.

If you’re not doing mobility work and lifting weights good luck having a body that will last and withstand a beating from some good ol blue collar work.

Low carb diet. Lose weight AND reduce inflammation.