Football Brush

Anyone ever heard of or used a SIM pole football brush?

Yes, I like it. Works well the jets don’t stream out exactly in the same line but close enough. It clean the side frames real well. I have the one with hogs hair in the middle. It is close to the Bro brush which was my favorite brush.

Phil uses a wider pole hose, so you either need to get an adapter or change out the polehose.

Any idea where to get an adapter?

If you ask for it, they have it. I also cut the jet tubes from the brush a little shorter. I think its a 10in brush, we use it on our long pole. And a hybird tuck on our short pole.

I have an ez pure mini. I’m wondering if it’s compatible for my pole

I have one. It’s a flocked bristle brush, so you need to rinse off glass. The jets are all wonky. Overall, I found it to be quite heavy, unwieldy, and overall useless for window cleaning. But, it makes a great carwash brush… wait, that’s what it is :smirk:

I use mine on a short extension pole for cleaning really nasty screens. Works great.

Oh, and it has standard acme threads (like on trad poles or broom handles), so an adapter is needed for wfp work.

You are right the brush is heavy. When did you get yours?

I bought my 2 years ago and it came with euro threads and a angle adaptor on one side and has the acme threads on the other. I always thought it was for dual use…

I got mine in late 2012. Won the pole in a drawing, and the brush came with it. Still use the pole every week. I believe the brush did come with a euro-acme angle adapter.

I’m a little surprised Phil is selling the football brush. I guess enough people must like it.

I could see it being useful for a pre-scrub brush with soap on large commercial jobs with deep frames. Just doesn’t allow for the finesse I prefer in a resi wfp brush.