FOR SALE-Gardiner 61-SLX

I hate to part with her, I love her I do…but, well, it’s pretty slow right now and really need to take care of some bills.

There’s nothing wrong with this pole, in fact, I only used it 4 times and let someone use it only once. Not a scratch on it.

For those of you who don’t know, it’s a full carbon fiber, and 61 feet is actual length not working height. I bought this pole brand new from WCR back in June or July I believe, for just over 3 grand.

I’m selling it for 1500. If you live outside of San Diego, you gotta pay shipping and handling…but really, its what 7 pounds? Not very much to pay if you ask me. Its a great deal fellas, and if I come into some cash in the next 4 or 5 days I’m taking this post down.

I’d love to see someone in San Diego get it, but the person who told me he’d buy it today may not be able to do it so I’m opening it up to everyone else out there…hit me back here or shoot me an email at

Thanks for looking fellas.

Hold it for me til morning Tory, and I will call you to let you know whether I can do it or not. Will that work? If I can do it, I will get you dough by Friday.

Sorry things are slow man.

Man Tory that’s a steal! I know how well you take care of your poles. I’m interested, but probably in the low end of the pool right now. I’m going to monitor this thread big time.
And I’m sorry things are slow too. I’m used to slow this time of year!

Yeah, I KNOW its a steal! Thanks fellas, appreciate it.

Sorry about not being able to make the decision yesterday, you know how it is sometimes. Ill have the cash ready to make the purchase tomorrow. I’m guessing I can catch you at the bid party tomorrow

See you in the morning with that cash, I sent the address for the job walk to your email

Did u sell it?

I bought it a couple months back, I will let it go for 2600

He could get a brand new 65ft aqua clean, which is basically the same pole, for less than that

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I know, I was just kidding, equipment is actually nothing I would need to sell