For those with a website

Let me know if you would like to swap links. Currently paneless and I are the only ones on here that swap with each other. We have been hooked up for about a year. i do get some weird hits from Toronto, but its worth it if it helps drive up my Google ranking. If anyone would like to swap please let me know. You can see my current links here:

I hope to add many more in the future.

Amen to that.

I’ll offer the same thing. Together we can dominate our local markets with some intelligent linking strategies.

[email protected]

Now that my website is up and running - thanks starbrite! - whatever happened to the ingenious link building here on WCR? ACWC seems to only have one link, or did we all decided that reciprocal links were no good? Let me know, as I want to help my rank any bit that I can. I’ll keep cruising the web/seo forum for answers.

I have both ACWC and Paneless added to mine. Window Cleaning in Tulsa | Meet Our Window Cleaning Friends | Purus Windows. After reading more about anchor text, I may change yours up so that it’s a better link for you.

Im slowly taking the website apart my new one is live, but still needs a tad more work. That domain will be brought over to the new site this week. I will have some links on it.

How are you going to be doing that? are you changing your main domain name too?

Whats the URL to your new site?

I guess I should remove my link then. It has been on my site for about 8 months or more now!

Yours just came down, it will be back up at the new site.