Ford Trucks!

Oh my I love this!|26839559|207094371|27979299&referrer=N3016.SpecificMedia

No Pink Shirts!

“When you drive an F-150, there are rules you gotta follow; he took an oath and he broke it, it’s sad really” lol!

I love the no puny dogs rule!:smiley:

Thats awesome.

I disagree with the fancy coffee rule, though, on the premise of deliciousness.

Haha. Sounding a bit defensive, Kevin.:slight_smile: You driving your bad boy to the regional or flying in?

We’re driving down with a couple friends, gonna make a weekend out of it, but we’re gonna come in their vehicle - a lot better on gas, and more inside storage room for “stuff”.

Would’ve been nice to let you guys see my toy, though. Too bad. Just look at any Black 2008 F-250, imagine 35" rubber, wheelwell flares, the wheels spaced further out laterally about 2 inches to be lined up with the flares, and a 2.5" lift in the front only, to level the truck out.

[SIZE=“1”](and a palm tree license plate holder)[/SIZE]

Are you breaking any rules with that?:stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t think so Seth but if it was pink flamingos then he’d be in trouble!:wink:

No doubt…no doubt…

I hope there aren’t any rules for Dodge Truck drivers :o

Nope, no rules at all. None.

Did I mention I drive a Dodge?:cool:

we’re safe for now Seth. I love my Dodge!

I have a 01 350. Just put a banks intake, 5 inch exaust, and programer in it. I too have the 2.5 leveling kit along with 35’s. just hooked it up with some new rims and rubber. My plan for the future is a kelderman air lift. it is an air bag lift similar to the low riders. with the bags empty it will be six inches higher and when inflated roughly 12 inches higher. next mod is propane and nos. hello great MPG!!!


Nice. It’s a thin line we ride, isn’t it…between redneck and profesh!

you know it. I hear the redneck thing all the time. the decision factor is the amount of dents and the size of the belt buckle. Or maybe it’s the oversize deer hunter sticker on the back window? to many to call. I just prefer the view…trucker status! lol

Totally tubular dude!