Formula 90 Vs. Soap

Do you guys know if you can use Formula 90 to clean windows/glass?

I use it to clean screens, so will it work on glass too???

When this first started becoming a “Hot Topic” (screen cleaning in general) i talked with Lance on several occasions.He mentioned the versatility of it for more then just screens.

I haven’t really explored too much but…have found it to have excellent cleaning ability for some things. My only concern is the suds aspect of it,then again im sure there’s more then 1 way to achieve results without the suds factor?

sorry for my absence, Actually, it was regarding another product Craig, I would definitely NOT recommend Formula 90 be used “on” glass, or as a glass cleaner.

Whats the trick for cleaning nasty dirty sun screens

I choose a nice pressure washing for the solar angels
I have never had to use any type of soap on bug screens

now conditioning them after they are clean is a different story
they should smell real nice when you open the window