Forum for Blinds?

I am starting to see more questions about blinds. Would it be possible to get a forum under “other services” for Blinds? cleaning/repair/sales…just a thought. thanks

I won’t mind having one, or a sub-forum.
Thanks to things that I’ve read around here, and basically from you Scott, I did a job the other day for $335 in 2/3hrs.

Seems simple but is not if you’re not prepared, lots of different kinds of blinds out there to go trial & error.

Glad to hear you made some good money! it just gets easier the more you do it too. today I am cleaning about 160 blinds from a church. we will see how that goes.

Done …

But your in charge of it Scott as I know nothing about blind cleaning

 		 			[[B]Blind Cleaning[/B]]( 			 		
	With Special guest forum leader Scott Bauer

Sweet! thanks Chris!