Forum is getting boring

is it just me or anyone else see it too ?
i think the last year or so the forum changed allot. nothing exciting is happening anymore .

nothing personal to WCR just my 2 cents .

Often times subject limits are reached. Perhaps revisiting those old “exciting” subjects and re-energize them as in a “then and now?” Or post something exciting we can all relate to?


What kind of things would you do with it to make it more exciting?

I do agree with you though, and it’s been a looming problem lately. Although over the years our web traffic and user registration statistics are continually on the rise… However the community itself hasn’t really grown, and or doesn’t have the same spark it used to.

With the rise of Facebook and Google+ groups, and their mobile apps. It makes the WCR interface and user experience seem a little antiquated and clunky. Our mobile app kind of sucks and the general mobile experience isn’t great.

Its hard to share pictures and videos on WCR now compared to newer more modern platforms.

I have eluded to it in a couple of other threads.
[COLOR=#333333]The whole VB platform WCR was built on hasn’t been updated in years, so we are actively planning to migrate the whole forum and system to a new platform by year’s end.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=#333333]We have a new community up and running now with the new [/COLOR]software[COLOR=#333333]. By September, we will post up here the link to it for everyone to try it out. By year’s end, we should be completely imported into the new system.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=#333333]I believe this move will reinvigorate the community a little bit as it will make it easier for everyone to participate in a low friction way.[/COLOR]
[COLOR=#333333]You may want to take a look at a couple of our other WCR Community groups here:[/COLOR]

[COLOR=#333333]Pro Window Cleaning | Facebook
[COLOR=#333333]I think you could describe them as more exciting than the experience directly on WCR. They stay very busy and are refreshed all day with pictures and videos. The downside in my opinion is the depth of the discussions. Things come and go very quickly, and they aren’t very searchable. You can’t dig for the great advice as you can on a standard forum.[/COLOR]
[COLOR=#333333]I believe our new platform will give us the best of both worlds. A vast repository of information in a fast paced mobile friendly environment.[/COLOR]

I still love this forum. This quote does nail it on the head though. I think the reason that I tend to lean towards the facebook groups a little more is because I’m already on that platform doing other things. I see what my friends are up to and while I’m there I see the notifications for my marketing groups, pressure washing groups, window cleaners, etc… and i just get sucked in

I don’t know. I think this forum is right where it should be. Change is imminent. That’s for sure. If you think it’s boring around here try to lighten it up. We can all appreciate a good change once in a while. Keep in mind this community changes by the minute.

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Chris, you nailed it, I think. That’s from a user’s standpoint.
And Tim, my sentiments are just like yours. I find it way easier to just see what’s going on in the FB groups, but the most rewarding threads by far are here.
In general (and this may include me at times, hopefully not) I do see the maturity and intrinsic value of a lot of the threads on a decline. It’s always nice when some of the forum veterans weigh in. The newer guys can learn from the way they present their thoughts.
Looking forward to what’s down the pipeline.

Yea I think everyone will really like it, it’s very slick.

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The same but different?

There should be a “Legends” forum area.

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What makes you think we would invite you [MENTION=3135]diamondridge[/MENTION] ?

Lol. Jk

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It’s cool, give me a few days I’m planning one…

“Legend Forum” great idea…

We should probably set the cutoff at, [B]‘register date’ prior to 2010[/B], right?
(nice round number.)

Where’s my password?!? :cool:

Nah man it’s not a date thing, it’s a “how cool are you” thing…

Your password is #coolestvintagewarrior

I miss Larry.

This space for rent!

I got a thread coming up the pipeline for us all to bust up… It’s for the most professional unprofessionals. That fits our description to the tee…

Way to cut me off

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I think forums in this arena generally attract those who want to learn… Trucks and ladders. Business strategies… There are so many new window cleaners (including myself) that learn a ton from the folks that have been doing this for years, or decades. It’s nice to be treated well here, even if it’s a rehashed topic. I think the lull may coincide with specificity within a topic at hand, and the late summer slow-down. Just a guess…

Perfect… This is what we need in the new thread…

Comments from me? Every thread needs one

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