Found this on Craigslist

Found this on Craigslist.

What exactly is a “basic window cleaning”? Is that just dusting the surface dirt of the glass?

And is it me or did they contradict themselves when they said “I am NOT like other companies with lower prices for window cleanings. They pride themselves on a basic wash for a dirt cheap price”
Yet they charge a dirt cheap price for basic window cleaning, whatever that is. Plus, they clean the screens, tracks & sills AND apply Rain-X. If that is basic, what else is there to do? Stand guard 24/7 just in case a bird craps on one.

If it sounds too good to be true…

Isn’t that nice to know that the quality of our “stiff” competition;):wink: is so high and has the utmost respect for the others in the business in his area.

I’m proud to be a window cleaner with this type of ad.

thats a good one!

That makes me SICK!!!

Well guys, this looks to me like a “wet em and forget em” type of company, Its sounds too desperate and he will land a few jobs with this ad unfortunately. One day he’ll wake up and do the math to find out that he’s not making jack and his day is full of no profit. $60.00 for a gutter cleaning any size? Insane. Tim you should email him to ask if he’ll work for you for next to nothing. My guys make more than that (alot more) working for me on commission. I supply everthing even the shirt on their backs. Good Grief!


Wow! I remember my first craigslist ad…nothing like his. I only got 2 jobs out of them anyway. Theres like 40 window cleaning “companies” on craigslist in my area. I do it for Google anyway. Just one more ad with my name on it.

YOU SHOULD HIRE HIM!!! Problem is, he probably thinks hes better than anyone anyway.

LOL…Great idea Steve. Im gonna call everyone that posts on Craigs list in my area and put them to work!!! Owe actually better not do that to my customers…lol. I couldnt imagine the number of redos that would come in!!!

I see the ads here daily.

trust me, nobody is calling them

I got like 4-5 jobs last year form craigslist and they told me directly that they called because I had a website (and a big winded ad :D)

I have seen people offering to clean windows for $20 an hour. Nothing phases me anymore.

It is you.

From another perspective, perhaps they are saying that even though they are low priced, their quality is higher than other low-priced WC’ers.

Yea… Perhaps

For the most part, Craigs is a place to look for something on the cheap. I’ve sold dirt bikes and trailers on there with pretty good success. I have got all kinds of calls like "I’ll trade you a nice home stereo or a playstation 3 with 5 games for your 2007 KX 450 Dirt bike ($4,000. 00 Value). NooooThanks!

I would never advertise my business on there. I just think it looks desperate I guess. Its not much of a professional angle to do business on. That is MY opionion anyways. I have found Craigs as a great source for entertainment though.

craigslist can be fun, check out this little piece I cut from a “company’s” ad on there.

“Professional Window washer ([B]transparent cleaning professional[/B]) very friendly, easy going window washer expanding business…”


Nice post. I have heard about this type of pricing from a friend of mine that lives in Tn. The difference in their plan was that they start out high and go low by the end of the plaza or strip mall. The reason Im so stuck on residential is that I make more money in one spot. Doing your type of pricing could be lucrative. Doing a good deal of work in one spot for a reasonable price. Another plus is that you dont have to break out a ladder and move furniture. :smiley:


Here are a couple example’s of my CL ads… I run atleast one a day and probably get 3 or 4 leads a month. Matter of fact, some of my best customers came from craigslist. Craigslist is awesome! I think your logic is flawed. Your ad will be as professional as you want it to be.


I’ll have to agree with you Josh. I also get a few jobs off CL a month myself. If nothing else I get a few dozen clicks or more to my website which helps in my website ranking on search engines.