Free 9" x 42" Fiberglass DI resin tanks in New England area

Was hopping around on Craigslist the other day and came across this ad for FREE DI Resin tanks in Nashua, NH:

Based on the pics, it looks like they have the draw tube in them already, and they just need a head plumbed to your specific fitting needs. Since these things run $400-500 new, I hope someone here can take advantage of them, or maybe they will break the barrier for someone who hasn’t been able to start using DI/WFP yet because a vessel was too much money. You may want to talk to John at WCR and see if you can use one of these with just a foot of resin without spending money to fill the entire tank and still get good results. I know nothing about this post aside from what you read in it, so do not ask me any questions about the tanks please. Nashua, NH is right over the border from Massachusetts and about a 45-60 min drive from Boston. I really think these would even be worth a weekend drive for someone a state away since the tanks are so expensive new.

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I’m nowhere near it, but thanks for sharing! I’m sure it can be very helpful for someone.

Thanks, just sent an email to them so I can grab a few over the weekend.