Free cleaning for real estate agents no pay until escrow. Hows it work for you?

Does anyone offer real estate agents free cleaning until house goes into escrow? I saw it on someones page and wanted to know how it works out for them. I’ve got a couple RA’s as customers and thinking of instituting this.

Tell me how it works for you the ups and downs and what kind of contract you had to make.

whoa… wish I had the cash flow or the guts to try this- at the rate houses sell around here, I might be waiting for my money for a while :wink:

Yeah im trying to figure out if its worth it. Like charge a 10% surcharge on top of the price of the cleaning. or maybe set a limit like 6 months or something and then they gotta pay. So many things to consider

I’ve often contemplated this very idea. But you would have to have a limit like 120 days and keep a credit card on file to chrge. Seems like more headache than its worth.

I wouldn’t promote/chase late-paying work.

If the agents are already customers, they should already know the immediate value you provide with your service. No reason payment shouldn’t also be immediate.

I know some agents pay for cleanup work (debris dropboxes, maids, etc.) on behalf of clients and then add the charges on the backend. Sometimes, however, a client will switch agents for any one of many reasons. How would you be paid then (the agent is no longer involved st the escrow stage.)

Perhaps better to convince an agent that their client will benefit from your service – and that the client should pay you upon completion of the work.

We do a lot of work for realtors in our area. Mostly pressure washing, roof and gutter cleaning. It is always paid for by the owner or property manager escrow. Never out of the realtor’s pocket. If youcan prove yourself to your local realtors and PMs, they will sell your services for you and you will get paid at completion. This works for us.

All Pro Powerwashing

That makes sense. Im not desperate for work, the jobs are coming in at a steady pace. I think you guys make a great point of it being an immediate value. Which it is. I have a couple realtors as customers so I will just talk to them tell em about my 5% off for every referral they send my way. That way they can get theyre mansions (they all seem to live in mansions in Hawaii kai) cleaned for uber cheap but i still get tons of business, and a good rep without giving away my services.

Hey kemp I’m gonna try your method with my local realtors.

Do you have a limit to the 5% off referral?


You can earn 5% off for every referral.

4 referrals is 35%

7 referrals 50%

7 referrals is A LOT of referrals. 50% still makes it worth my time to do the actual job too.

Glad to see you made it over here, Kemp.

I thought I would give windows a try. Just need to figure some effective marketing to make it work out.

not a bad idea, but id have to agree w/the not wanting to wait to be paid part of it. I get referrals from real estate agents , some are customers of mine, ive done their offices/homes. I do give a referral gift (something small)for a referral that becomes a customer. If theyre pleased w/ your service, i think theyll use you & recommend you to others.