Free Giveaway For all WCR Community members!

This weekend we are giving away a fully editable premium window cleaning door hanger. The premium [URL=“”]window cleaning door hanger comes in PSD format and is fully editable. You can add your logo, change the text, the color, the prices, the image what ever you like. There is also no purchase necessary. With the big spring season almost upon us, WCR is going to be doing more and more freebies to help YOU make the most of your spring season, and put more money in your pocket.

To get the FREE template simply add it to your cart, then go to your shopping cart located on this page: Shopping Cart

Paste the coupon code: EarlyBird -and hit the apply coupon button. Check out like normal and your good to go. On Monday when we process all the weekends order, you will receive an invoice for 0 dollars, in that there will be a download link to retrieve your free Window Cleaning Door Hanger template file.

You can edit that file and print it yourself or you can take it to any printing place and have it professionally printed. It is fully print ready and any printer in the world can work with it.

Most people dont know this, but we also own a printing company and 99.9% off the time we can match or beat any print quote you get.

[URL=“”]Window Cleaning Print Service

enjoy - the file and happy spring sales.

Awesome! Thanks Chris!

We took advantage of our WCRA membership by ordering the Early Bird post card. We mailed out 6000 pcs of the Early Bird post card this past Monday. They actually got mailed by mistake. I personally did not want to release them just yet. The phone blew up Thursday and Friday with potential clients asking about the Early Bird Specials. I think the E.B. door knocker would work great.

Thats good to hear, Im glad your taking full advantage of your WCRA window cleaning association membership by using those cards. Ive actually never used door hangers before… Drive ways around here are to long… Although I guess you could mailbox them… (we all know the deal with that though)

Thanks, WCR!

Thanks guys!

Finally had a chance to sit down and work on some of my marketing materials. So I went to download the “Earlybird” door hanger and work on it, but it said my link had expired.

Did I click on the wrong link, or was I just too slow to download it?

I’m thinking maybe I should have downloaded it as soon as I received the email for the link, instead of waiting until I was ready to work on it. But just in the off chance it’s still there- am I clicking on the wrong link?

Edit- when I first tried to download it, it gave me a picture of the doorhanger but it didn’t appear to be editable in any way and did not appear to be a file. So I tried again and got the same thing. Was that the file? Did I just not realize it?

You just let it expire, it doesn’t last that long. Email: and she will help you out, getting another link.

Ok cool. Thanks again for the free download this weekend. I didn’t realize that the link could expire until I saw that. Next time I’ll jump on it quicker.

Thanks again!